Saturday, 22 November 2014

Festive Favourites Round-Up Week 1

Well I have caved in and given in to the fact that it is Christmas. I am aware it is not Christmas but to be honest it may as well be so here we are! It's Christmas yay! I have decided up until the big day I will be, each weekend, featuring some of my favourites from the previous seven days. Could be something for me, a pressie I've got for someone else, a day out we have gone on or a little haul from over on my YouTube channel. All manner of things. So sit back, grab a mulled wine (unless you are reading this at 11am. That's just wrong) and have a nose at this weeks 'Festive Favourites' (I'll be honest I couldn't think of anything more inventive).
Festive Me: smiggle Advent Calender
This week I visited the opening of the brand new smiggle stationary store in the Bullring, Birmingham City Centre. If you have little tots who love brightly coloured bits and pieces or you are a 36 year old RE teacher with a small obsession with teeny tiny scented rubbers in the shape of ice creams? This is for you! I will be honest the main reason I popped along was to get a look at the beauty below.

Yes. AN ADVENT CALENDER FULL OF STATIONARY? Can you imagine? Well you don't need to as it exists. It's £20 but you can get two for £30. I ruddy love it. And I will be keeping it firmly in my bedroom and will be storing the delights straight in my over sized Cath Kidston teacher pencil case. I have already asked the husband to get me the talking clock from smiggle for my Christmas stocking. And can't wait to get the kids voice on there shouting 'WAKE UP MUMMY' or some such other joy which will ensure I scoot out of bed asap. For further information on this beautiful advent calender or any other bits and bobs from smiggle visit their site here.

Festive Present: Spicers of Hythe Hamper
I love a hamper. A few years ago my husband got delivered one to our house from his then job. We thought we had made it. If you get a hamper you see? You have properly made it. I bet the Queen loves a hamper. There is something so delicious about unwrapping it and feasting on treats you would never usually buy. This week I got sent the Christmas Star Hamper from luxury food hamper company Spicers of Hythe.

Full of lots of sweet goodies this little dream would be perfect to send to someone who you may not see before the big day, maybe a special treat for your Mum, Nan or Sister. Or you could sit down (like perhaps someone you might who know who is a bit brummy did) and gorge on fudge in front of Teen Mom 2. Spicers of Hythe also do boozy hampers or hampers aimed at men and nice romantic night in ones. It was beautiful and felt super posh. Starting around the £20 mark there are loads of different types of hampers on offer so go and check them out and order something for your fam (or you, just you, alone in a room with a box of posh sweets. THE JOY). Check them out here. They are also running a competition for fans of Pinterest here. So check that out if you want to win a fab hamper for you! I mean someone you love!

Festive Fun: Blithbury Reindeer Lodge
On a cold and rainy night we made the journey to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge in Rugeley. I will be honest. Half way there? We nearly turned back. The boy wept continuously. Like non stop. Howling. And when we arrived in the pitch black. I thought jeez I could be at home watching Real Housewives of Miami. But then? Seriously. IT IS AMAZING. It was one of the nicest places to visit Father Christmas I have been to in all my years of being a Mum.

Not only do you get to feed some of the most beautiful reindeer's I have ever seen. And we are not talking like two ropey old ones who look like they couldn't walk to the end of the stable let alone pull a sleigh, there are loads and they are so clean and soft and just glorious. There was loads of other things for the little ones to do. From joining elf school to make special magic reindeer food for Christmas Eve, to having your photo taken in a Frozen scene with, as my girl screamed, "The REAL Sven!".

She also had her face painted and both of my little ones sat down to make cakes with Mrs Claus (I call her Mary Christmas but I am weird). There is a lovely little shop to buy little knick knacks and cute Christmas decorations. The staff were really super helpful and answered all my girls weird reindeer related questions about the logistics of flying. Blithbury Reindeer Lodge is a must if you fancy something more than just seeing the big man and really is a special place to visit. Book your spot there here.

So that's what we have been to this week! And I know this week we have another trip to Father Christmas as well as going to the theatre and I think I may get the Christmas tree up. All together's begining to look a lot like Christmas...


  1. I am loving how Christmassy you are already! That gingerbread man may be the cutest thing I have ever seen, I may also have a slight gingerbread man addiction! x

    1. I so have. I love them so much. They make me really happy. I want the bowls up all year round and plan to eat everything out of them. Like. Mmmmm soup x

  2. I love this!
    And yes, I have already persuaded my husband to take me, sorry me and my daughter to the reindeer lodge. AMAZING!! x

    1. It is so AMAZING. I loved it and am so happy I went as I have booked somewhere else that is transpiring to not be that good. Sad times x

  3. Ooh, I love this idea! Excited to see what you get up to over the next few weeks! The Reindeer Lodge looks amazing - how beautiful are those Svens?!! :) xx

    1. Yay! I love Christmas and it really was a lovely place to go and visit. It made me so happy x

  4. We have started Christmassy stuff too :-) I love the sound of the stationery advent calender too

  5. Wow that all sounds magical!
    I definitely agree about the hamper, we got one last year and genuinely thought - this is it! :D
    That reindeer farm sounds absolutely amazing and I will definitely be researching that in this coming week!
    You're really getting me in the festive mood now! I can't wait to start doing more for Christmas!

    1. It is really really brilliant. You should defo give it a go! I can't wait for Crimbo now! x


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