Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I love Michael Ball

I love Michael Ball. He is not only a man who was ROBBED at Eurovision but was the original Marius in the London cast of Les Mis. Which to me is the prefect combination of my two great loves. Musicals and Eurovision. If he was dressed in a bunting suit whilst doing both of these things? My head would have imploded. And if he then offered me a Malibu whilst wearing his bunting suit singing in a Eurovision musical? Well that my friend would mean I was dead and in heaven.

I was overjoyed when I was offered the chance to review his new album 'If Everyone Was Listening'. In fact I sent a rather unprofessional email to the lovely PR lady which went something along the lines of I LOVE MICHAEL BALL. She probably just thought "best give her the album in case and comes to my office and stalks me". 

It's quite hard to take an exciting picture of a CD

Now if you are expecting an album of all his classics this is not for you and I am sure there are a million (in fact there are 18) different albums with classics such Love, Love Changes Everything da da da daaaaa, da da daaaaaa (I am useless at words). I would describe 'If Everyone Was Listening' as an easy listening affair. Something that would be lovely for a Sunday lie in reading the newspapers or a nice long relaxing bath (ha! If you can ever achieve such joy). My favourite song on the whole album was Jessie as I ruddy love that classic anyways. I'm not saying that I will (I so will) but this may be going in my Mothers stocking for Christmas. It will make the dream little filler.

'If Everyone Was Listening' is prefect for those of you who may be obsessed with Michael Ball like me or who love a nice chilled out album listening to some classics like Jessie and the very brilliant anthem The Climb. I must admit I would rather a belting out musicals affair but this is nice to have on in the background when you are cooking your Christmas Dinner. And Michael if you are reading this? I love you. You amazing, joyous, Eurovision singing, musical marvel. And you were robbed. I will never get over it. Ever.

If you want to stalk Michael then go and like his facebook page here or follow him on twitter here! Or pop out to the shops and go and buy his album 'If Everyone Was Listening' which is out now!

We were sent this joy to review


  1. He was totally robbed. And now I'm singing One Step Out Of Time....

  2. You are hilarious. Fact! Loving all these music related posts x

  3. I cannot believe I have just read a review of a Michael Ball album. Dear lord Em, there really is no end to your talents! ;)

    1. See my passion and love can make anyone read about anything! x


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