Predicting the Wet School Run

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how not to do a wet school run. I am a newbie to taking my girl to pre-school EVERY DAY and seriously the rain catches me out on a weekly basis. Sometimes the weather looks nice, and then I do the five minute walk to the school and it ruddy tips it down. Now I am the proud owner of a Weather@Home weather station I am hoping that I don't get caught out again. (And lets not mention the snow that's meant to be arriving soon. WEEP!).

I gave this little beauty to the husband to sort out whilst I took my girl swimming. He enjoys any kind of gadget so couldn't wait to set it up. We popped the snazzy looking weather station in the kitchen as this is the place I spend most of my manic morning time in. Doing all the dead glam jobs like making breakfast and washing up (doom). 

We then stuck the wireless weather outside sensor in our porch which is so windy and draughty it may as well be outside. The Weather@Home uses the sensor to tell you all the vital weather you need to plan your day (and hopefully not get soaking wet!). It tells you about humidity and also at a glance you can see if any of the joys of British weather like fog and frost are on their way.

The Weather@Home system is dead simple to set up and also lets you have weather updates via Bluetooth to your phone. A feature I really, really like and would definitely use if I ever (gasp) had another baby is I would by an extra sensor to put in the nursery. I was forever worried about that particular room overheating and it would show you really easily in another room what the temperature was like upstairs. 

One thing I will say is that it is a bit pricey but it is something you would use on a daily basis and could be a good option to use instead of the other big branded nursery thermometers. Check out Oregon Scientific if you would like to read more about the Weather@Home Bluetooth-enabled Weather Station.

We were gifted this Weather@Home station for the purpose of a review. 
Let's hope it stops me getting rained on!
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