Saturday, 15 November 2014

The boy's first (Toddle)bike!

My little boy is beautiful and loving and kind but... a total and utter handful at the moment. Seriously. He is so full of energy and is in to absolutely everything. He refuses to watch television (I KNOW!) so we are always on the look out for new ways to keep him occupied and burn of his excess energy.

At 22 months he's a long way off getting a bike and is still a bit too small for a balance bike. That is where the Toddlebike comes in. This light and brightly coloured bike gets your new toddlers ready for the main event. And my boy? Well look at his face. He ruddy loved it! (mainly as it was his, all his and was far too small for his long legged sister).

What I loved about the Toddlebike was the fact that it was so easy for him to use. He did find sitting on the seat a bit odd and spent a fair bit sat on the crossbar (this is normal - they give you 12 steps on how to ride, this being Step 4) but it was so lightweight he could walk around and carry it all over the house with him. And at one point? He sat on the couch with it on his lap. It would be perfect to keep in the car for going to the park. And I think it would be quite easy to carry home when your child does the inevitable "I don't want to go on this any more" on the long walk back from playgroup.

Overall this is a really good present for little ones and arrives fully made up and seriously it is so light when the box arrived I thought they had forgotten to put it in. I would recommend the Toddlebike to anyone who has a tot that is over going on the little push along toys and wants something a bit more 'grown up'. My boy will defo play with this lots over the next year. For more information about the brand please visit Toddlebike

We were sent this to review but my boy bloomin loved it!

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