Thirteen Views from the Parenting Frontline

Being a parent sometimes can feel a little bit like a war. The weapons thankfully are not violence, guns or bombs. But mess, screaming and tantrums. We face a battle everyday. Whether it be trying to stop the loons mixing brand new sets playdoh (SO annoying) or trying to stop them watching that weird Kinder Egg lady for another hour. So here are some shots from the frontline. The parenting frontline. Photos I have taken over the past few months which have summed up my everyday life. So. Perfectly. I am sure that some will resonate with you and I only hope that one day together we will overcome and win this battle of wills*. 

*We will never EVER win.

1) Silence means mess.

2) The joy of brand new playdoh. Ruined within 7 and a half minutes.

3) 'The Tantrum': All because I was on the phone.

4) Morning Exercise: Fighting in front of Ben and Holly.

5) Transfixed by YouTube. Again.

6) 'The Tantrum': All because he was asked to tidy the playroom.

7) Falling asleep three minutes from home. Inevitable tantrum predicted.

8) Awaking from the three minute nap. The promised tantrum.

9) Me Time in the Bath: With a bag of mouldy stinky toys. Three inches from my face.

10) 'The Tantrum': All because I asked if he wanted ham or cheese on his sandwich.

11) The beautiful face pulled when you require a 'nice party dress' picture.

12) Fun with Mummy in the Park.

13) Fun with Mummy watching a lovely Sunday afternoon film.

A little sneaky 14) sometimes a truce is called and 
the frontline is fun and full of smiles, cuddles and bellys full of cake.

And then the fun began...
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