Saturday, 6 December 2014

Festive Favourites Round Up Week 3

This week has been super busy in the brummymummyof2 household. The tree went up, it was my birthday (I may have mentioned it once or a million times) and we are in full swing for my girls birthday party on Sunday. There have been Christmas school fairs and next week she is, gulp, the star in the Nativity and has to sing a solo! There is bound to be a blog or vlog about that little weeping journey. As it's been such a busy week I just have a little min festive favourites this week. Including a festive day out to Hatton Country World and a super competition with a present fit for a modern day girl...

Festive Fun: Hatton Country World
Above is the picture that shall forever make me weep. Hatton loved it so much they even asked for it to go on their new calendar (!). It was the exact moment that Father Christmas told my girl she was on the nice list. SOB. It sums up the amazing Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton. One of our favourite places to visit anyway, and it is even more magical at Christmas.

As well as the usual farm animals and soft play which I've talked about on the blog a few times. At Christmas there are lots of other different things going on. You can watch a live nativity (which for some reason made me sob), there is a kids disco and a very funny festive show. Dotted around the place are gingerbread men, Christmas puddings and a whole host of other decorations.

To get to Father Christmas you walk through a magical kingdom with moving toys and at one point there is even a little bit of snow. You then go into see the man himself. And if you have took the time to fill in the form you get when entering Hatton, he will already know lots about your little ones. After a lovely long chat, your child is given a key to open the magic elf shop where they pick whatever they want! It is really brilliant. We had such a lovely day there and my favourite part may have been when Dad was in charge and I looked around the lovely little Hatton shops and brought some more Christmas bunting. To book your ticket have a look at the Hatton Country World website here.

Festive Gifts: GoldieBlox Spinning Machine
We have always taught my girl that she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up. It's also something I enforce in the children I teach. I think there seriously are no boundaries with careers in this day and age. So when I was offered the chance for my girl to have a play with the GoldieBlox? I was rabid. It's a toy that is on a mission to "disrupt the pink aisle". It's aim is to introduce engineering to girls from an early age but using a fun book about a little girl that they follow along and build as they go.

What we loved about the toy is that it is very hands on and as my girl is turning four this week (oh the many weeps) this is just right up her street. She doesn't know that people think engineering is for boys. She hasn't a clue that this is a toy that introduces her to a new career path. As far as she is concerned? This is something she can play with and has some cute characters on that made her smile. She loved it. If you want to learn more about GoldieBlox visit here or how about entering the rafflecopter below to win your very own GoldieBlox spinning machine? The competition will run for a week and I will announce the winner in next weeks Festive Favourites. Good luck babs.

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  1. Wow how amazing does your family trip to Hatton County World sound..I absolutely adore the picture of your gorgeous little girl with Father Christmas her reaction is so priceless!!!
    I agree there should be not limits as to what our children can achieve regardless of their gender. I always wanted to be a grease monkey when I grew up lol xx

  2. Looks like you've all been getting very festive! I LOVE that photo, not surprised it'll make the calendar! We're off to Hatton next weekend, looking forward to it :)

  3. Aww, I love that priceless photo with the big man! Gorgeous. Lovely photos xx

  4. Would give it to my daughter to inspire her to use her intelligence more

  5. I think my daughter might be getting this set for Christmas. If she is, I'll pass it onto another deserving girl (not sure who yet).

  6. The picture of your daughter with Santa is SO CUTE!!! x

  7. my girls analiese and amilea =)

  8. My daughter would love it - thank you for the giveaway x

  9. i would give it to my son thankyou

  10. I would give this to my little sister

  11. One of my friend's kids, they would love it :)


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