Thursday, 4 December 2014

Flu Knew?

When I first started teaching, the school I worked out used to offer the flu jab and then I had it again when I was preggers with my two. The past couple of years my girl has also been given the flu immunisation in the form of a thingy they stuck up her nose (thingy is the scientific name for it I am sure). As I am a rule follower if I get a letter in the post from the doctors I tend to just do it. From chatting in the staff room at work, I know that other parents give immunisations a bit more thought.

So. If you are worrying about giving your toddler the flu immunisation the VERY handsome paediatrician Dr Ranj Singh (my second love after Mr Bloom obvs, third would be Andy) has done a short YouTube documentary explaining why 2, 3 and 4 year olds should have it. Watch the video and read more for my top flu busting tips...

It's not only about your toddlers getting the flu. It's also really about not bringing flu into the home and passing it onto others. There is a very clever activity he does with a group of pre-schoolers and paint to show the spreading of germs (the teacher in me marvelled at this and was thinking of ways to steal it for my Year 7's). And also I had no clue that 10,000 people work on the immunisation nose 'thingy'. Dr Hunk, I mean Ranj also tackles the topic of "can the immunisation make you ill?". Which I know many parents worry about. 

If you are worried about your tot getting the flu the three best ways to tackle this are:

Get them to wash their hands with water:
When they get back from playgroup or the filth that is soft play, get them to wash their hands. Maybe sing a few nursery rhymes whilst you are doing it to make sure they are super clean.

Reduce the risk of contamination:
The scary fact is that coughs can carry the flu. I KNOW! And they can travel the length of a bus. Sob. So try and keep them away from contaminated friends and family. Also get them to cough into a tissue if possible. Or else they may spread the evvvvvil germs.

And finally ensure your child is immunised:
As alas our little beauties are the ones that seem to spread the flu the furthest you may want to consider giving them the nasal spray flu vaccine (actual scientific name). So go and have a little watch of the video and hopefully it will answer all your questions about it. Try not to get too distracted by Dr Ranj's amaze eye brows and if you want further information and tips then have a little looksy at the Share Good Times Not Flu site.

I was asked to watch and review the Dr Ranj video for a collaborative post. 


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