How to Throw a Budget Birthday Bash!

This week on the blog I wrote about Kids Birthday Parties: The Dream V The Reality and it became clear that a lot of people reading have grand exciting ideas and either haven't got the time or the money to put them into action. So I thought I would share a little bit about my girl's 4th Hello Kitty Party. And I made it look half decent. The quick, easy and quite cheap way. And you know what? HELL YEAH I am going to Pinterest this shizzle it for all the parents out who desire a nice, quick, and best of all cheating route to an above average birthday party!

Invitations and party bags from Poundland

Pink jar from my bathroom (!), plates, serviettes and table cloth from Amazon
Invitations and Party Bags:
You know full well I am the Queen of Poundland. So I often pop in and see what they have got. As my girl decided on this theme a while ago when I saw the invitations and party bags in there. My head exploded, I yelped and brought the whole stock. And you know what? I've never seen them since! Yesterday I went in and saw lots of pirate bits and bobs, including Jake and the Neverland bunting. So obviously I snatched it all up for my boys birthday. As I can guarantee those beauties will sell out!

Plates, Serviettes and Table Cloths:
I used my good friend Mrs Amazon to provide these. A helpful lady who you can use whilst on your phone, bored out of your mind at a stinky hot swimming lesson. I always try to order a little early as then you don't have to pay the P&P. I also made sure I used some of the older Hello Kitty patterns as these worked out a lot cheaper. And my girl didn't notice!

Table Displays:
THESE BEAUTIES ARE AMAZING! Another of my favourite shops is Home Bargains and when I came across Hello Kitty cake stands for 99p, and doilies for 39p? I think I did a small wee. Again I brought lots. So many she will be using these doilies at her wedding. But again I have never ever seen them in the shop. If ever I pass a Home Bargains I always pop in as they generally have some good Disney things in there. And gasp sometimes? Cheaper than Poundland.

We are super lucky to have a Sure Start centre at the end of our road so we booked that. It was £30 for two hours and it comes with a kitchen and a loo so it was ideal for the little ones. You can bring your own food and don't have to worry about the children being cray or equally strangers children being cray to yours! It's a nice and easy option and helps stop the SWEATING one feels when kids are smearing their dirty hands up your couch or p*ssing on your floor.

I am super lucky that my Mother in Law knows how to put on a good spread. But the other bits and bobs I brought all the came from Asda. I used all Asda own brand for everything. And the little drinks were Disney Princess cups which I think were like £4 for 24? We also had little Peppa cakes and Minion biscuits. So all characters were covered. The cake of course was by Asda. It was £5. Hats off to all you marvellous people that can bake birthday cakes. I envy your ways.

What's a party? Without a party ring?

Bits of tat for the party bags from the 99p Store.

Party Bags:
I find the above little beauties in the 99p Store so got a few packs. Nice and cheap and I think they made quite nice little treats along with some sweeties, a random balloon and a little plastic ring. But no cake. As I am an idiot and forgot to put it in. 

Added Extras:
I did fork out £20 for some amazing balloon displays for the girl as we do every party. So that was something that we did splash out on to make the room that little bit extra special. Along with some bunting (again thanks Mrs Amazon for sourcing that!). But we did take them all down at the end and they will be kept safe for future parties and we also decorated the house with them for her actual birthday. And the balloons will hang around for many weeks, till I kill them with a big knife (balloons NOT the kids).

So that was my girls birthday on a bit of a budget. She was really happy and by the end of it she was so full of sugar and joy she wept when she didn't win pass the parcel. My main tip for doing things that aren't too stressful and quite easy is just keep your eye out for bargains. Life's too short to be having a small breakdown the day of your child's party so keep it as stress free as possible!

Here is the haul I did including all the bits and bobs I brought a few weeks with your eyes

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