Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wicked Wednesdays 17th December

Hello and welcome to the last #wickedwednesdays of 2014! The next two fall on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and I thought no-one wants to be commenting over those two momentous days so lets all take a nice fortnights break and enjoy the festivities. This is the first time I have had a rest from the blog since Easter. But we will DEFO be back January 7th so expect reminder tweets around then.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for linking up week on week. I really love seeing all your pictures and I wanted to say that what I love most is that you know it does give other parents a bit of hope. It shows them that life with kids isn't all perfect and isn't all Insta-sham. Sometimes? It can be bloody hard work. They make me laugh. And I like laughing. The below picture is the one that started the idea off in my head. The sh*t hole that made me want to start a linky.

There have been so many people that have linked up on and off over the past five months but I just wanted to shout out to a few that have been there from the start and have linked up nearly every week Teen Tween ToddlerLife As Our Little FamilyPotty Mouthed Mummy3 Princesses and 1 DudeNot a Frumpy MumCalifornian Mum in LondonPolka Dots and Cups of Tea and finally Stopping at Two. Thanks ladies. 

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. I can't wait to see what hilarious shots you manage to gather over the next fortnight! Lots and Lots of Love Em xxx
Linky Info
  • Firstly. Please add my special badge of my daughter weeping when I said she looked like Pat Butcher (?!).
  • The linky requires no words - it's summer and we've not got the time really have we? But feel free to write a few lines if you wish. I think no words is sometimes even funnier. We can make our own stories up then!
  • It will run from Wednesday early morning till Friday late evening. But feel free to link up any old photos from other weeks. One per person.
  • I will comment on each one and if you include my twitter handle (follow me on @brummymummyof2) and #wickedwednesdays I will share your comedy picture. 
  • Try and comment on as many as you can, let's say two would be a good minimum.
  • If you also hashtag your piccy #wickedwednesday on Instagram (follow me at brummymummyof2) I will regram a few favourites each week with your handle and hopefully you will get some new followers.
  • That's it! It's just a bit of a giggle really. Enjoy!


  1. That is quite an impressive mess! Thanks for hosting #wickedwednesdays each week, has been lovely joining in and hope you have a great Christmas :-)

  2. Thank you for the mention and for hosting one of the best linkies out there! Never fails to make me laugh or snort tea out of my nose :-) Have a fab Christmas x

  3. Thanks for a lovely 2014 since I found you - here's to 2015! Happy Christmas!

  4. Love WW. Ace link up - thanks for hsving me x

  5. You're welcome. I have loved joining in, it's a great linky.
    That's one huge mess!
    Hope you have a fantastic christmas and I shall see you in 2015 :) xx

  6. Thanks for the mention and thanks to you for running this linky. It has been a pleasure getting involved with it.
    Have a fab Christmas and New Year x

  7. Thanks for creating #WickedWednesdays - it's been great fun sharing all our minor breakdowns and funny moments. Have an amazing Christmas and New Year, and see you in 2015!! Now, when did that happen?! x

  8. That wouldn't have made me want to start a linky, that would have made me cry! See you next year and enjoy the Christmas break! xx

  9. Thanks for hosting, ha I remember these days, now its mostly clothes and shoes :) Merry Christmas x

  10. Thank you for hosting! Have a fantastic Christmas! Hope you get the mess cleared up....hehehe x

  11. Thanks for hosting, I've enjoyed joining in! That's an impressive mess, my playroom is kind of similar today :/

  12. Haha love that your house is as messy as mine after the kids have 'played'. Have a fab Christmas and here's to a fab 2015! xx

  13. Thanks for hosting such a great link up that always puts a big smile on my face xxx

  14. This looks fun may have to check it out in the new year :)

  15. High five to the mess hun. Mine is always the same haha.
    Thank you for hosting this fun linky. You're a fab host.
    Have a happy Christmas! xx

  16. Oh im sure i commented! Oh well ill comment again! Thanks for the mention, and thanks for hosting a fabuloso link up! :) X

  17. Thanks so much for hosting this amazing linky, it makes me laugh without fail every week and I love being able to share my 'best' pictures here too! Can't wait to join up again in 2015, hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year xx

  18. OMG look at that room! Where has the floor gone?! To be honest it looks like our playroom on a regular basis. Good luck with that clearing up! haha!
    Have a lovely Xmas see you in 2015 xx

  19. My god, how can little people make so much mess!! x


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