New Year, New Bedroom

My son turns two next week and my daughter has just turned four (SOB). In the summer I had a brainwave that we would use some of our Christmas money to get the children bunk beds as I like the idea of them being able to dip in and out of each others rooms. Also it will give us a spare bed if we ever have someone to stay. And then you know how that a small plan spirals out of control when you're awake at night? I have now decided to do a full makeover of my girls room! Wahoo! (Husband sighs).

I wanted to use some of the stuff we already have in the house. Some say re-using old things. I shall call it 'upcyling' and sound all hip and trendy. Above is a lovely frame that I had made in a local craft market near my house. They have used old buttons to make a beautiful rainbow picture with both the kiddos names on to mark the start of the joint bedroom. Below it is box frame from Ikea and in it is my daughters outfit she wore on her first Christmas day (oh the weeps). Really simple to make and also nice and cheap! The sea life/fairy lights were from Paperchase in the Boxing Day sale.

Above is a Sass and Bide button picture (I seem to be a bit obsessed with old buttons weirdly). And above is a lovely picture I picked up at another local craft fair. With my favourite saying on which is perfect for little girls. And very, very true!

I like the idea of not spending vast amounts of money but also making use of what we have. Trying to be a bit more friendly to the planet in 2015. Some other bits I have stumbled upon on the Internet are these little beauties from the Family Nation website. They do a range of eco friendly toys and games that would look ace in the brand new conjoined bedroom. I loved the little tent (1) for them to have late night chats in (by late night I mean 7pm obvs). Also as I am always looking for a project to keep them occupied in the afternoons so the paper animals (2) not only are brilliant and would look perfect displayed on a shelf, they are also made from 100% recycled paper.

Also on the Family Nation website I saw this BRILLIANT little pack (3) where you can put eyes and all sorts of bits and bobs on boxes, which again is using what you already have in the house. My children both love playing shops and this set where you can convert a box to a little shop is perfect. If you check the site out now here there is a sale on, so chances are you can help the environment, pick up some stylish bits and bobs and save a few pennies in the process!

This little area of the bedroom is a reading nook. I ruddy love a reading nook (I'm sure we didn't have them in my day). Books going in the little Disney shelf as well as in the little house hanger. Minnie and My Little Pony proper love the Gruffalo. 

As you know a room can't be a room in my house without a bit of a photo wall, which is a really nice and simple way to make a room look nice relatively cheap. And of course lots and lots of bunting! Hopefully by the end of the year both children will be in this room and I am sure my boy will have eased in the odd Thomas or a few cars here or there!

This post was written in collaboration with Family Nation. 
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