New Year - Toddler Style!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a smashing one however you spent it. Whether you were dancing on tables in a hot night club whilst snogging MIC extras. Or. More than likely sat in your house fuming at next doors crunk music house party. Here in the brummymummyof2 household we did things differently this year. Yep we mixed it up a bit. Hell yeah. We celebrated the New Year at 1am. Sorry. I mean 1pm. Rock 'n' ROLL!

We got the kiddos together for a 'party' at lunchtime after learning from last year when my girl when bat sh*t cray cray and wouldn't go to bed after too much lemonade and ice cream. We thought a NYE party in our house from 12:30pm - 1:30pm would be the best option. We had it all from comedy wigs, to hilarious (ahem) squeaky balloons to scotch eggs. Obviously most of the decorations were from the joy that is Poundland. So see with your eyes how we did New Year. Toddler Style...

Comedy glasses and wig from Poundland. Am envious they both look FAR better than I did!

Paper plate, plastic knife and fork, serviettes from Poundland,
with little treats in the form of comedy glasses, balloons, party poppers also from Poundland

Jam Jar glass from Amazon, striped paper straws from Home Bargains

Oh she looks naughty here but I love it!

Brad and Angelina. Brummy Style. God we look ruddy awful

Le fam - ready to take 2015 by the horns. But at 1:30pm

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