Read Your Way Through Parenthood

When I had my first baby I read one book. I opened a random page and it said "sometimes when you have a baby you may lose a few of your friends". Seriously! So then I put that book down and NEVER EVER touched it again. Essentially, I went into becoming a Mum not knowing anything about having children. And I'll be honest? It's probably not the best thing to do. It's good to know a little bit about what's going on in your own body and also what to expect in those first few tricksome years.

Over at the Friso Arabia website they have a fab 'your pregnancy journey'. The site helps you learn about everything you need to know from the moment you get preggers, till your tot reaches the grand old age of three (sob). It offers all sorts of advice from what size your unborn beauty should be, to top tips about the food you should be eating throughout pregnancy.

Advice on tantrum please!

It also tackles any concerns you may have as your child grows up. When you get to the 'toddler' years (shudder) which I am now in full flow with my boy. The site at Friso Arabia talks about everything from social to emotional development and also gives you some top tips. Which quite frankly? You need in abundance when you have a toddler on your hands!

Friso Arabia really know their stuff as it is a baby formula brand which is committed to helping those mothers offer baby nutrition if breastfeeding is out of the question. Like everyone Friso Arabia agree that breast is most definitely best but in some cases? It is out of the question so they have developed a formula to provide excellent nutrition for babies.

If I was ever to have a third (husbands scream and runs away) I think I would definitely refer back to sites such as Friso Arabia or Baby Centre to make sure that I knew what the hell was happening. Read it on my phone, or maybe the iPad whilst I'm sat in soft play. Because despite already having two little ones? I still feel as if I am sometimes (ALWAYS) walking around in the dark

This post was written in collaboration with Friso Arabia.
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