Monday, 19 January 2015

Sister Sister: My Spa Nomination

My sister has moaned that I don't write about her on the blog. That her friends say if I did, the blog would be far far better. So today? I am not only going to write about her but I am also going to nominate her to win a spa break at the K West Spa and Hotel, London. See that's how ace I think you are! Claire is two years younger than me. So she's just about to turn 25 (cough cough). We have not lived in the same city for 17 years (don't try and do the maths. I may have fibbed about her age). Which is a fact I hate. What with work, my crazy children and Claire's hobbies as a stand up comedian and children's writer (annoyingly talented), time is limited.

She remains one of the only people I know that loves the same amount of rubbish as I do. We like Eurovision, we relish in a Big Brother fight and when Made in Chelsea returns each season? We yelp with glee and shout about the morals of posh men (dogs!). I am nominating her as the last two times she has stayed at my house she has 1) slept on our air ancient bed which deflated and 2) slept in the top bunk of my girls new bed where she precariously held on tight worried for her own safety. I would like to spend two child free days, chatting and relaxing in the luxury of the K West Spa and Hotel. And I would like to give her the gift of of not sleeping either on a cold wooden floor or very high up in the air. She would love the treat and she would definitely love the two course meal with the complimentary glass of Prosecco (her favourite tipple).

Have you got someone special in your life that you would like to nominate to win this amazing K West Spa and Hotel break? Maybe your other half for just being generally ace or your Mum for a unforgettable Mothers Day present? Why not find out how here and go and write something lovely about someone you love. But just make sure they take you if they win!

Watch my short clip as to why I would nominate my sister to win this brill prize!

The post in collaboration with Spa Seekers.


  1. What a lovely post :) and she will be chuffed you've nominated her for something so awesome! Love a spa day ;) x

  2. As soon as I read her favourite drink is prosecco that swung it AND SHE SHOULD WIN.

  3. You're a very cool sister to do this. Mind you, she sounds pretty cool herself. x

  4. I agree with Beth - prosecco drinkers are winners! Your sis looks fab, what a beaut pair you are! "The morals of posh men (dogs)" - made me lol. I hope Claire wins!x

  5. I love that your sister moans about not appearing on your blog. I was told many years ago in no uncertain terms that my parents and sister were NOT to appear on my blog. They do occasionally appear in a supporting role, but I'm careful that there is nothing more than that.

    1. Oh my family would like a whole blog dedicated just to them! x

  6. Awh! How lovely!! Aren't sisters just the best?! Oh I hope you both win xx


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