Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Staying Healthy whilst Going Out With Kids

You know me. There is one thing I love lots. And that is going out with my two loons. At any given chance I like to drop everything and visit somewhere exciting. I have used this quote on the blog before but my good friend said it is easier to love your children when you are out of the house. And I agree. I like mini adventures and just general day trips everywhere and anywhere. But this year? I am going to up my game when it comes to 'the picnic'. You know that dreaded of all meals that you shove together in haste before running out of the house? Then I 9/10 cave in and go and buy them a bloomin over priced treat. NO MORE!

I have decided that I am going to make the worlds bestest picnics so they will scoff at the £2 pack of Smarties and hopefully scoff my food instead. So I have gathered together some little healthy bits and bobs (and of course the odd treat) that for my children would make the BEST PICNIC IN THE WORLD. And hopefully? I won't end up spending a fortune.

My two really love those little pouches of yoghurts that you can get from most supermarkets. They aren't too expensive but I am never too sure what's in them? And when I checked there seemed to be a hell of a lot of sugar. So I have decided I am going to bulk make my own little smoothies and take them in these handy little reusable pouches from Nom Nom Kids.

Both dishwasher safe and freezer safe, you can fill them up with store made smoothies or with something you've made yourself. For my smoothie I used Organic Natural Yoghurt, Bananas and a little bit of honey. Nom Nom Kids pouches would also be amazing if you were packing a picnic and had a weaning baby that you needed to feed on the go. Baby led weaning is great but I know from experience I just sometimes wanted a guarantee they were eating something as we were walking around.

The Main Event:
I think the best way to avoid a total meltdown is to ask what your child wants to eat before you go. I know that I have dared to make ham sandwiches for everyone and then have had a child lie on the floor screaming "CHEEEEEESE". So I tend to take whatever they want. As they will have had their fruit fill with the Nom Nom Kids pouches. I also like to pack cucumber chunks. And then a low fat packet of crisps. Maybe Pom Bears or or some reason they really enjoy a Snack a Jack? They think this is the height of sophistication. Easily pleased my two.

My children love sweets. And I truly believe if I gave them a multi pack of Cadburys they would consume it all in one go. So? I have to limit their intake. They have no off button when it comes to sugar (Wonder who they get that from? Looks down at Fruit Pastilles guiltily). So whenever I am near a Poundshop I always pop in and pick up the odd teeny tiny bar of character chocolate. We are currently enjoying these Frozen ones. But in the past have had Peppa ones too.

I can NEVER find a sippy cup that doesn't leak so I tend to take with me those small bottles of flavoured water, that look a bit like fruit shoots. And I always make sure I shove at least two each for them in the bottom of the buggy. As drinks are extortionate on days out.

Snazzy Extras:
I am a geek. I like a picnic to include a paper plate and serviette. I don't know why? Makes my kids eat it more. They like their fancy ways so I always make sure I have some paper plates shoved in the picnic bag too. Generally ones left over from parties or BBQs.

We have covered all bases! And there should not be no reason why you need to spend £6.99 on a limp sandwich and a packet of Dortios. You can use that extra cash you have saved for yourself (and by yourself you know that I mean to be fleeced in the shop where you will end up buying a ball with a dinosaur in the middle or another fairy wand).

This post was written in collaboration with Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouches

Here's a little video I've done all about my picnic tips!



  1. I love taking an exciting looking but cheap picnic with me on days out and those pouches look fab, I wish I'd discovered them earlier! x

    1. I know! They are such an amazing idea! I love them! x

  2. I've seen those nom nom pouches before and keep meaning to buy! Love the pic of your boy 'sluuurrrrp' :) Handy post x


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