The Strange Moments that Capture Motherhood

There are some moments in the life of being a parent where you are overwhelmed with tiredness. But equally? There are those lovely little pockets of time where you are overwhelmed with such love your belly goes all funny. You want either squeal or weep or in my case both and I also do a little trot ala Miranda (RIP). So I thought I would write a little bit about the strange times during the day where I think being a Mum f*cking rocks. I've managed to capture a few on camera for posterity. They will keep the glorious memories fresh and allow me to have a bit of a sob over them when I am old and grey.

Sleeping on Books
Each night before we go to bed we check on the children. I think this will only cease when they become teens and scream at us to stop. And even then they will have to get a lock on the door to stop me from just watching the peaceful breathing in and out of my children. It's the ONLY time during the day where my girl is still. She runs and jumps and shouts and falls over and repeat. Endless noise and manicness. Even when she goes to bed she fills it full of books and toys and random bits of crap. Which we have to silently remove whilst she's fast asleep. But sometimes as you can see? She is snoozing on a book and there's not much we can do. Bar watch, smile, do an inward squeal...and take a photo obviously.

Toy Story 3 - On Repeat
After the pre-school drop off my boy and I have the same routine every day. We start to get excited about "Snacks and Toy Story 3" on our short walk back home. We chat about Buzz and dinosaur and Mr Potato Head. As soon as we get through the door he waddles to the couch, waits for his shoes to be took off, snuggles under a blanket and demands his food much like a dictator. Generally it's raisins, a malted milk and some fruity jelly things. Or a chocolate coin if I'm feeling really generous. And then he watches the same half hour of Toy Story 3 that he has seen EVERY DAY for months. He giggles, he relaxes and he's happy. 9:30am comes and like clockwork he asks for his "Mi-Mi" (weird dummy word he invented) and cuddles me so hard and off he trots for his nap. A morning nap. Whilst my girl is at pre-school. You are right I am ruddy lucky and this is the actual dream.

These daft little moments may not mean much to you. But they are little pockets of time that when my teenage girl is screaming she hates me. Or when my teenage son is telling me he wants to ditch school to be a world class rock star I want to look back on. And remember when they were teeny, warm, gorgeous creatures that slept on books and obsessed about Mr Potato Head.
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