Saturday, 24 January 2015

Weekly Wonders: Braun's No Touch and Forehead Thermometer

Did you know that 2015 is where Marty McFly goes to in the film Back to the Future? It was all hover boards and super reflective baseball caps. This week I was sent something to review that even Doc wouldn't have dreamt of. A No Touch Thermometer from Braun. No I am not making it up. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TOUCH YOUR POORLY GRUMPY CHILD! Read on to understand the magic of it all. Oh it blew my mind I tell thee...

When my girl was little she suffered from Febrile Convulsions and I'll be honest they are pretty horrible and very scary. Twice she was rushed to the hospital. We hadn't noticed that her temperature had soared as high as it had and she had fits. If we had this Braun Non Touch and Forehead Thermometer? We may have spotted the signs earlier and got her temperature down into the safe range (around 37 degrees).

How it works is you place the thermometer 5cms away from your child's head. Which is fab if they are snoozing on the couch or in bed and you don't want to disturb them. It then gives you an accurate reading. Now if you are useless like me and can NEVER remember the right and safe temperature it has a colour coded display in green, amber and red if the temperature is too high.

What we liked about it is it is small, but the numbers on the screen are easy to see. It is super easy to use and even comes with batteries so you can get started straight away. I have always found thermometers really hard to use. Which probably means I am an utter idiot but this was simple and effective. It is at the higher priced end of the thermometer spectrum but with Braun you know it is going to last a while and yes OK you got me we also tested the dogs temperature. We found it very exciting. And it is now popped into our medicine cabinet so we can grab it the next time one of the little ones is poorly. Which during the winter? Seems approximately every three weeks. DOOM

This post was written in collaboration with Braun

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  1. This sounds fab! Great review! I always hate having to stick our thermometer in the kiddies ears when they are asleep when poorly as seems so cruel but this one would be great!! May look at investing :-) thanks x

    1. It's the fact that you can use when they sleep which is the major selling point for me! Well worth investing x

  2. I love that you did the dog!!
    I've been holding out for a good thermometer but I keep hearing amazing stuff about Braun so I'm going to bite the bullet x

    1. Do it bab. It's a bit pricey but I think it is well worth the money x

  3. We love our No Touch thermometer, such a great idea and so easy to use x


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