Saturday, 10 January 2015

Weekly Wonders: Maped Helix Colour'Peps Jungle

When my girl turned three she became obsessed with drawing and writing. And now at four, no word of a lie she sometimes draws me pictures and hand delivers them to me at least 20 times a day. I have become adept in the art of the secret chucking away of them (bad Mummy). But whilst we used to be able to palm her off on the pencil crayons, all she wants now? Is felts. And felts scare me. Felts end up on walls, or tables or faces. So when we were sent this snazzy Maped Helix Colour'Peps Jungle set? I was overjoyed. So for this weeks Weekly Wonders we review them...

When we got the packaging in the post I thought they looked really odd and couldn't quite work out how they worked? The premise is you can have felts but not really worry about those pesky lids. So we got them out. And then? We popped the bottom thingy me bob (technical term) and it was hilarious. My girl screamed with glee! 

The base spreads out and the felts go into like a little hedgehog. Which with two? Is fab for sharing as they can both grab them. With no need for felt lids you can just take the colours out wherever you like and put them back in wherever you like. No felts lids rolling under the couch, or being eaten by the dog or mysteriously disappearing into the world where odd socks live.

I will say however this may be aimed at slightly older children as my two found it quite hard to pull the felt tips out. Which is good as it means they are in there nice and stable. So it could be used with younger children but only if you are helping. I think for those who are at school, and maybe have a little work area? This is a really fun product. My two made me pop the thingy me bob (technical term remember) in and out about five times!

For further information about the Maped Helix Colour'Peps Jungle take a look at the Maped Helix website.


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