Thursday, 29 January 2015

Weekly Wonders: The Perfect Presents Edition

One of the best things about starting this blog is I have met some amazing and talented women. The kind you can't even be cross with as they are so ruddy nice. So for this weeks Weekly Wonders I am going to focus on two businesses that have been started by fellow parenting bloggers and chums Gin Bunny Prints by Katie at Hurrah for Gin and Don't Buy Her Flowers by Steph at Sisterhood and All That. Showcasing some amazing ideas for gifts and cards that I think if I love them? You will too. PS this is not an ad, this is not sponsored sometimes? It's just nice to do something for your mate innit?

Don't Buy Her Flowers
I came across Steph when I read her blog The Post Baby Fog. It really resonated with me and over the past year she has become a good friend. And someone who calms me when I'm being a bit hormonal (which happens quite a lot). She also loves musicals and has a really nice fringe. Towards the end of the year she launched a business which sells packages for new Mums, friends or anyone you really want to treat. She's not saying flowers are crap. As they aren't but in those hazy days of never ending sleepless nights and weepy hormonal afternoons when you have a baby. Flowers? Ain't gonna cut it. 

With a range of packages on offer including all the pampering essentials from beautiful chocolates and ruddy yummy flapjacks, to the proper Mum essential of a dead nice scarf there is something for everyone. As well as pressies for new Mums there is currently a brill one available for a Valentines Night In and I know there are packages in the pipeline for a special Mothers Day Treat. Check out the fantastic Don't Buy Her Flowers site here.

Gin Bunny Prints
Gin Bunny Prints is an extension of the amazing Hurrah for Gin blog. Katie? Is seriously clever and f*cking proper funny. And her blog post about Kirstie Allsop once got retweeted by her. Which to be honest made me yelp a bit. She has developed a range of seriously funny cards and is now selling them over on her Etsy site. If I could draw. I would like to think I could invent these. But I can't. So I shall now just be buying hers instead.

The cards come in dead nice envelopes and tied in string, which I am sure seemed like a good dead idea at the time but now after tying a million cards? It must be wearing thin. They do look super pretty and for a lady who is currently a 'National Stationary Week Blogger' (oh hell yeah I love a pad and a nice pen) this pleases my eyes greatly. She is selling them over on her Etsy store here. There are quite a few cards on offer and some ace ones for Valentines. Which perfectly sum up life today (e.g. loving your other half but mainly whilst you are sat on the couch ignoring them watching tele).

Now you are in no way shape or form going to get a discount if you mention you heard about either of these fab businesses from me. But. It may make them smile. So that's nice. 

You know when your mates when you can convince each other to 
jump on a stage and pretend you are dead important when you're not. D*cks.


  1. Oh YOU! First of all, this is lovely of you. Second of all, knowing how rubbish you are at keeping secrets, I bet it's KILLED you not telling us you were writing this! You're an angel. Although Katie gets to be seriously clever and proper f*cking funny? What am I, chopped liver? HUGEST kiss. You're gonna get it in March x

    1. You get nice fringe. And that is a massive accolade!!! So proud of your business. You are amazing. Lots of Love x

  2. Love this. Two super lovely and talented ladies - whoop! Can't wait for us all to drink gin together and toast them very soon xxx

  3. I lOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Thanks so much for all your amazing support bab you proper rock. And your note on your order made me chuckle too xxxxx
    p.s seriously neglecting blog commenting so think yourself v. lucky ;)

    1. Oh la laaa I am lucky! It's because you are tying up everything in bloody string! x


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