A brummymummy break!

Wahoo! As you are reading this me and the fam are off on our holidays for a week. A WEEK WE ARE GOING ON HOLIDAY FOR A WEEK! It has been a long time coming and with various rather stressful bits and bobs in our household it is a welcome relief. Firstly we have been SUPER lucky to be chosen as a Bluestone Blogger so are driving to Wales to spend the weekend there, then? We get up at 5am on Monday and drive all the way to Disneyland Paris! I KNOW! Best. Week. Ever!

So there will be no blogging this week. I will be boring everyone on my Insta-sham with pictures of me and Anna and Elsa, sorry I mean my kids with Anna and Elsa. And I am, fingers crossed, going to daily vlog our adventures as there is wifi in the rooms. Everyone knows holidays with kids means lying in bed at 8pm, bored as your kids sleep. Below are some videos about me basically getting rabid for Disneyland and it will take you to my channel. There you can subscribe and check back to see the daily uploads.

If reading is more your thang? There are two little sections to your right entitled 'my best bits' and 'the don't beat yourself up guide to' which should keep you amused for a good half hour. I shall be back with blog posts moaning about ten hour car journeys with toddlers and ones full of my kids throwing tantrums in the beautiful Bluestone waterpark. Have a super half term!

Love Em xxx

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