Tuesday, 24 February 2015

An Afternoon In...On the Beach!

I don't know about you but I am fed up of this weather! Today we had rain. We had hail. Then we had a bit where it went all sunny and I turned the heating off only to regret it ten minutes later. After returning from our break away, me and the other half agreed we loved it. But... we can still feel the Disneyland chill in our bones. It's time to hit sunnier climes!

This afternoon in honour of thinking about the summer holidays me and the girl got together with a bit of help from holiday website On the Beach and created our very own little bit of summer in the house. The vest came off. The thick tights were chucked in the washing basket and the sunglasses were dragged out of the 'miscellanious' box in her wardrobe. We turned our playroom into a super sunny brummy beach!

Whilst the girl was at pre-school I nipped to the local high street and got my hands on some bits and bobs to make our beach feel a bit more summery. Obviously I got a few buckets and spade. As well as a comedy giant inflatable ring (which to be honest looked more Blackpool than the Caribbean). I laid out the beach towel and let her don her finest summer hat. Where is the sand I hear you say? The sand is still in the shop. I am not insane. There was no way I would have sand in my house! With a rabid dog and a two and four year old? Save that for the garden when the weather is better.

My girl loved drinking out of her 'cocktail' (squash) and Daddy even brought her some ice cream in after her very summery (ahem) tea of spag bol. It was a fab indoors activity to do and hey next time I may even let them do messy play with water (NOT SAND). Thanks to On the Beach for contributing to buy all our beach bits and bobs and if you are starting to think about your summer holiday check out their site here.



  1. Love this, she is such a pretty little girl.

  2. AaaĆ h that sounds like a lovely afternoon indeed and your daughter looks so cute!xx

  3. TOO CUTE!!! I totally need to make a beach in my lounge, minus the sand x

    1. Yes DO NOT include the sand! That is so not the way forward x

  4. Ah what a great idea! Look at her! she is beautiful and loving the shades! beautiful read! Suz xo www.beauisblue.com


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