Birmingham - The School Holiday Guide!

I don't know if you know? But I live in Birmingham? Have I mentioned it once or a million times. And I have to say it is one of the best places around for the kiddos. And I know as I have visited everywhere that is humanly possible to keep my two loons entertained.

As the school holiday is just around the corner I thought I would bung together a best bits of the second city. You can either read blog posts I have written about different places to go to or watch with your eyes some fab places to visit. I am your very own Rough Guide to Brum. But I stick to the mainstream and not some strange little backstreet terrifying cafe that sells weird food. Here goes...

Drayton Manor with Thomas Land
I have had some of my best times with my two at Thomas Land. It will forever be part of my heart and be synonymous in my brain with the best fun you can have with two tiny children. Read about about it here or here. Or watch a day out there below.

Hatton Country World
Hatton is ace as it's got things for both the adults in the form of cafes and shabby chic shops with AMAZING bunting style tat but also tons to do with the kids. From the worlds best soft play to a little fair and a world of guinea pigs (I KNOW!). Read about it here. Or watch a day out there below.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
We love the Botanical Gardens so much we even have a pass. Not the best place to visit if it's tipping it down but if it's OK weather? It is lovely to go and visit with the children to look at the weird and wonderful plants. Or go on the lovely park. Or see ducks. Or strange little birds. Read more about it here. Or watch a very sunny day out with a comedy fall below.

The Thinktank
The Thinktank is ace for little ones as there is a tiny little village just for them. There is lots of things to look at and interactive things to take part in. And if it's nice? Pack some extra clothes and go outside and get wet in the science garden! Read more about it here. Or watch my pair run riot below.

National Sealife Centre Birmingham
The National Sealife Centre is a little bit more expensive (however there is often 241 vouchers if you look hard enough) but a really good morning out. There is lots to see, with a 4D film and soft play. Oh and of course fish! My two really enjoy it so go and read about our day out here or watch what happened with we went with the toddler twins from Taming Twins below!

West Midlands Safari Park
The West Midlands Safari Park is just outside Birmingham but well worth the ride. I've never written a blog post on it as I must have been feeling super lazy that day. All I will say is maybe drive round the animals at the end of your trip. It's a little quieter then. Also it is well worth investing in wristbands to save a few pennies on the rides.

Twycross Zoo
We visited Twycross Zoo at the start of the year and were really impressed with the way they have done it all up for 2015. There is a snazzy new softplay my two loved (which is an extra charge). Make sure you buy tickets before you go as you can get a good percentage off!

Whatever you do this school holiday make sure you have a fantastic time and try not to get too stressed with any tantrums over fruit shoots or candy floss and also? Don't get conned into buying too much tat from the gift shop!
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