Delightful Disneyland: Tips I'd Tell My Mates

I am sure that I bored you half to death with the fact we visited one of my favourite places on earth last week. Disneyland Paris. For me somewhere that is based on 'The Magic' and is a non stop, brightly coloured, loud music, fun filled place is literally my actual dream. And yes we may have gone a few times pre children (I might have shouted at a Winnie the Pooh when they let the kids have photos with him before the adults). 

There are lots of guides knocking around with all the ins and outs of where to go and what to do. So for this post? I have just bunged in some lovely photos capturing our favourite moments and in between each one I will pop a sneaky cheat or top tip. The kinda thing I would tell my mates to do when they get there. So here goes!... 

Best Place to Meet the Characters:
You could of course pay to meet various characters at the Mickey Diner which is fab fun and the kids loved it. Pre-book before you go. As it was sold out all week. But another great place is in Walt Disney Studios placed opposite the main park. From 10am you can meet Mickey and Buzz in Toon Town. Head there straight away and there is no queue. Or from 11:15 pretty much all day you can stand in the centre of the studios (by the band stand) and wait for the 'Stars in their Cars' to arrive. 

For 20 mins you get to meet a certain group of characters. And then they swap and another set come. And then they repeat this all day till like 3pm. It's fab! But you need to get tough. You need to get brutal. Turn Mama Bear and ensure your little one gets pushed to the front. Past the teens wanting selfies with Minnie and past the ever so odd bearded European men with huge cameras obsessed with Donald (?!). 

The Princess Dinner
Bit steep at £85 for the two of us this one. And again you need to pre book. Do not go if you expect Anna and Elsa. They won't be there. It's the old school Cinderella, Snow White, Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty. As well as some bonkers mice. It was such a lovely time with the princesses. However. Now I may well be a tramp. But the food? Was a bit posh for me and my girl. So maybe fill up a little before you go? Or ask for plain pasta for the little ones. We got lots of time with each of the princesses. My girl got to dance with the mice and it was an amazing once in a life time experience. However the whole thing was quite long so I would say under 4s may struggle. But all round aces. I cried. Obv.

Fast Passes!
Certain rides in both parks have fast passes. Now this is not like in Alton Towers (which is what I originally thought). It is free! You go to the ride you like, scan your park tickets and you can come back later. This was well worth it as in this half term some of the rides had a two hour queue!! I mean WTF? I would say get your slot and then fill up your time with some of the amazing shows that you can watch. The Disney Junior one is a bit random and outdated (Handy Manny anyone? No?) however Jake did come out and dance with the kids before it started which was hilarious! I may have done the full Roll Up The Map Routine (I did). 

It's Not All About The Rides
There's loads to walk around to see and do. Lots of lovely photo opportunities that don't require a queue or a full on tantrum as you've been hanging around for hours. Just take a nice walk around and take your time. My favourite picture of me there is the Aladdin one above. We rubbed the lamp and smoke came it. It was brilliant! For the parade we headed there about twenty minutes before it started and stood at the end of it. We actually stood on the road bit by the security (check with them first, everyone is very nice) which meant we were at the front. It starts at 5:30pm so gets to the end bit about 15 minutes later. And it really was worth the wait. I screamed when Elsa blew the girl a kiss. And this is the ONLY place you will see Frozen. Sad times.

Included above have been all my favourite Insta-shams from the week. But of course I had to pop in a slice of real life. A lovely family photo with Mickey. Featuring an aggressive toddler boy and a hiding weeping girl. Happy days! 

See dinner with the Princesses here or pop over to my YouTube channel and watch our daily vlogs!
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