Monday, 2 February 2015

I Like to Ride my Bicycle...

Since the New Year we have made it a bit of a rule to go for a nice brisk walk with the kiddos every Sunday afternoon. I spend a lot of time with them during the week and it is a joy to be able to try activities with another set of hands that I don't think I would be able to do by myself. This week we decided to visit one of our favourite parks in Birmingham, Cannon Hill and trial a couple of Kettler products we had luckily been sent to review (I'll be honest? As a weeper when the children got these delivered? Their screams made me proper sob).

For the boy we chose the Sprint Air Rocket Balance Bike. Aimed at 2-4 year olds, his little legs were a bit too short but it won't be long until he grows into it. He loved being pushed around on it with his Dad (who may have tried ride it). The handy little parking stand at the back meant that he could easily sit on it unaided. It was light and fitted in the boot of our car.

For the girl we decided to opt for the Kettler Daytona Go-Kart aimed at age 4-8. I was a little worried as it is quite big but she fitted really nicely in the comfy seat and you could bring it forward for her little legs. Pushing it back for when they get longer. 

Actually I had a bit of a proud Mum moment when I totally underestimated her and thought she was going to not be able to drive it properly without screaming or crashing. But? She sat down, put her feet on the peddles and off she went. She managed to only scare me half to death once when she nearly drove into the lake. But bar that? She loved it.

The Kettler site it self has a range of trikes, balance bikes and go karts on offer for all ages. I really liked the look of a lot of them as they had a retro feel. In fact? I thought the girls Go Kart looked like Herbie. When we got the boxes delivered to the house the hub looked ruddy terrified as they were HUGE. But he managed to get them both up and working within an hour. We did manage to get them both in the car but we did have to take two cars to the park. The Go Kart may be better suited if you have a super posh huge garden or if you live dead close to a park.

I can't wait for the summer months to come along so we can use these bad boys the warm without snot dropping down their faces and hats flying off in the wind. Thanks to Kettler for the products and if you would like to see what they have to offer check out the site here. You can also check AuthorityAdviser for more reviews.

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  1. Totally loving these! What fab things to review, I can just imagine their little faces when they arrived! Looks like they had lots of fun :) xx

    1. Oh god they screamed the house down! It was amazing! x

  2. That go kart is immense! It's huge!! WOWee! She looks so happy bless her. Your son looks cute too I'm just blown away by the go kart! x

    1. I know it is amazing! We didn't realise how big it was going to be! x

  3. My guy would kill for that go cart! Proper cute pics bab xxx

  4. I can totally understand why they nearly screamed the house down these are ruddy amazing! So glad to see that you had a lovely time using them and that you managed to get some lovely pictures too. Well done the girl! Psst next time please don't scare mommy to death. Xx

  5. What brilliant things to try out! My kids had one of those go-karts and it was brilliant. Was a shame when it broke.


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