Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Spring Fashions for The Girl

When I started this blog one of the very first little projects I did was let my then three year old choose exactly what she wanted to wear for a week. This generally involved her looking a bit cray cray and dressing as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I was frustrated she wouldn't wear what I wanted to wear.

With hindsight? It was a good thing. She was forming her own little style and now? I can happily predict what she will and won't wear. And as we are leaving the dark months of thick woolly tights, long sleeved T Shirts and little tartan skirts, I thought the time was right to look at some new bits and pieces for the season ahead. I've gone to some of my high street favourite stores to choose some brand new items, as well as online shops to get a look that I know she will love and that I don't mind either! So here is my Spring Fashion wish list for my lovely little girl...
I am all about the seventies style of clothes for both myself and for The Girl. Number 1 and 2 are Pepe from kids fashion website Melijoe. I love the denim skirt as they are super versatile and always wash really well. I thought top number 2 would go with the skirt lovely as well as the number 3 the sleeveless aztec print top from Primark.

Also to go with the skirt I know for a fact that she would love this Marc Jacobs T shirt. Again from Melijoe, it has pink on it and cats! Her dream! Number 5 is a super cheap dress from Primark. This is something I would totally wear if it was in an adult size. And utterly mortify the poor girl. I love it and it is a bargain at only £4. As it is spring. And as we are in the UK number 6 is an essential cream cardigan from Next. It can be left on if a bit chilly, or thrown at me whilst she runs around soft play with her mates.

Luckily we were sent a pair of customised pink converse from Stitches and Lace to review a while back so she will definitely be wearing those in the spring months as she's finally grown into them. And for 8. Let's be honest? Tights are still going to have to be worn for a good while yet. So this is a great pack from Next, neutral colours and I know they will wash really really well. 

This post was written in collaboration with Melijoe. All opinions and outfit choices are my own!


  1. They have such cute clothes for girls dont they! I have a boy, so this sint too realivant for us, but they are just super cute! Suz xo

    1. There is lots of lovely boys stuff around at the moment too. I am going to go and do one of these on the boy next month! x

  2. You just can't beat little teenie converse! x

  3. I love the little denim skirt, so cute! x

    1. I know! I may have worn it in my size if it was bigger! x


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