Thank you for 'The Magic'

Ah children are tricksome creatures aren't they? From the moment they enter our lives they are full of noise (crying), energy (NEVER sleeping) and numerous bodily functions (sh*t, p*ss and so on). And it's hard and more often than not we can be found moaning. I for one enjoy a good bit of martyrdom ("I haven't slept for at 72 hours straight!"). But one of the things I will forever be grateful for my children is for bringing 'The Magic' back into my life.

As we grow up crappy things start to happen. Such as discovering Father Christmas isn't real through an ill fated bumping into our parents on the landing experience, realising pets don't actually go off to live in lovely farms when you find a rigid hamster dead in it's cage and being dumped by your first love at New Street Station when he is wearing leather trousers (actually that may just have been me). We get older. We get bitter. We get grumpy.

And then one day. At around two. Our children start see it. They see 'The Magic'. And through their teeny tiny eyes you see it again too. You find yourself sobbing at Thomas Land whilst your toddler waves to The Fat Controller. You may find yourself watching In The Night Garden Live and howling whilst your tiny little girl dances to the IgglePiggle song. You might pop into the worlds trampiest shopping centre and see the ropiest looking man in the worst thread bare Scooby Doo outfit on this planet. And whereas before you would have turned in the opposite direction fearing this may be a murderer/robber/both. This time? You grab your child who is shouting with glee "SCOOBY DOO!!!" and shove them in to have a photo with this potential misfit. Your eyes glazed over with tears and the wonder of 'The Magic'.

The good thing about 'The Magic' is that it does last a few years and for this brief moment in time you can live vicariously through your children. Lapping up every single magical moment with them. Watching in awe at the glee in their face, listening to them chatting with Sleeping Beauty, running with them to wave to Minnie and the whole family screaming when Elsa blows your little girl a kiss in a parade. Forgetting that you've not slept for "72 hours straight!". Forgetting that this morning there was a tantrum to end all tantrums and yogurt ended up smeared on your face and in your hair.

So thank you to my children. You have brought 'The Magic' back into my life. You are the reason I am sat in this bathroom at 5:30am, on the floor, looking a photos and having a little cry, in a Disney Princess T Shirt, in a Mickey Mouse themed hotel that took us 12 HOURS TO GET TO and your Dad got a speeding ticket. But the second I saw the amazement in the boys eyes when he saw Buzz for the first time? And when the girl told Snow White that she really was called Elsa? It was all worth it. Stay pure my lovelies. Keep the magic and if a teen in leather trousers ever dumps either of you in New Street station? Tell him he's a nob and strut off with your head held high.

Watch with your eyes 'The Magic' in action in Disneyland Paris so far...

Count Your Lucky Stars
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