Friday, 6 February 2015

Weekly Wonders: Beauty Treats for Me and School Uniform for the Girl

This week I have had a few bits and bobs sent in the post for us to review so I thought I would pick the best of what we received and give them some love. I rarely get stuff for myself as it's usually for the kiddos so I was super pleased when beauty brand Ginvera sent me some little treats. And also my girl has been banging on for ages for a new school dress. Luckily she got one sent this week in the form of an ethical and sustainable one from Ecooutfitters. Oh la laaaa! So see with your eyes this weeks Weekly Wonders!

School Uniform: Ecooutfitters
Try as a I might my little girl is a very girly girl. She generally wears a skirt to pre-school but has been begging me for a dress for ages. So when Ecooutfitters got in touch saying I could review something from their range? I jumped at the chance. To be honest? I was a bit wary. 'Ethical and Sustainable' school uniform does not sound the most glamorous of all outfits but when it was arrived I was really pleased with it.

Made from organic cotton, the school uniforms are totally free from the synthetic toxins found in other materials (who knew?). This means that children can be safe, comfortable and allergy-free while they learn. My girl does suffer with eczema so technically the Ecooutfitters uniform should go some way to help ease this. As well as as all the good stuff such as being better for the environment and ensuring the cotton farmers are treated fairly. Let's be totally shallow and say that the dress was really, really cute. A lovely light material and well made. The black edging and little bow was super stylish and as you can see my girl was over the moon! 

For further information on the brand visit their website here.

Beauty Treats: Ginvera

Since my children are now a little bit older some days I like to make a bit more of an effort than just shoving on a pair of Uggs and some dry shampoo. I have been trying all sorts of different make up products that previously I was a bit scared to use. So when Green Tea based beauty brand Ginvera sent me some Nude Cover BB Cream in the post I was very excited! Don't judge. But in my google search their may be (totally is) 'How do you put on BB Cream?' Ha! I discovered that it is just a lighter alternative to foundation and is supposed to even out your skin tone.

I used the product a few times during the week. When I was at home with the kiddos and also a day when I went to work. I found that it was super easy to put on. I prefer to use it with a make up brush. And it looked good with all my other make up, such as loose power and blusher, on top. It blended with my super pale skin tone easily but I think if I was going on a night out (HA! some chance) a foundation may give a bit better coverage. 

The other Ginvera beauty treat I was sent was the infamous Exfoliating Marvel Gel. Used on dry skin after you have cleansed your face, it's aim is to ensure the perfect skin for the absorption of cosmetics (isn't the world a clever place these days?). I really enjoyed using this product. I found after I used it my skin felt squeaky clean and fresh. I'm not sure it made my make up stay on longer but after a week I definitely felt my skin looked a little brighter.

To find out about either of these products or anything else in the Ginvera range please visit their site here.

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