Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weekly Wonders: The Entertainment Edition

Sometimes when you have 12 hours a day to entertain your little ones, realistically? There is only so much playing and soft play and crafts and just random 'stuff' you can do with them. Sometimes? You want a quick cup of tea and a little rest so you resort to the babysitter known as 'the television' or 'the CD player'. This week we got a couple of things sent to us in the post to review that have given me a few minutes peace. Which meant that the kids were happy and I was happy. Aces.

Marty MacDonald's Farm Soundtrack CD
My two love to have something on in the background whilst they are trashing the playroom, sorry I mean playing in the playroom. When we got sent the Marty MacDonald's Farm CD to review I knew immediately they would love it. When I found out that Justin aka Mr Tumble, aka Justin's House, aka the child tamer was in it? I knew it would be their dream!

Its aimed at three to seven year olds (but my two year old loved it too!) and directed by the Tweenies creator so was prefect for my pair. The CD is the soundtrack of the live theatre show. It's funny and features lots of nursery rhymes so it kept my two well entertained for a good half hour. It has now been placed in the other halves car and was a firm favourite on our ten hour journey to Disneyland Paris! To find out more about the CD please visit Marty MacDonalds Farm.

Barbie in Princess Power DVD
There is nothing my girl loves more than Barbie. She has the dolls, she has numerous DVDs and enjoys marrying off her ballerina Barbie to my Gary Barlow doll. Then watches them drive off into the horizon in her little Barbie car. When we got this little Princess Power DVD treat sent in the post she yelped with excitement. As with most standard Barbie films it features a princess, some cute animals and some sort of strange and implausible 'magic'.

This time? She gets kissed by a magic butterfly (obvs) and gets super powers, turning into super hero Super Sparkle. She can now fly and my girl pondered if she would ever fly. What she liked about the film was that it was bright, pink and very, very sparkly. What I liked about the film was that actually? Despite Barbie wearing heels ALL THE TIME. The morals were super good. She used her powers to help people and at the end of the day? What was most important were her family and friends. Not some daft boy. It was a pleasant morning spent and I may have done a small bit of dancing around the living room whilst it was on.

To find out more about the film and to print, create and colour in some fun activities visit Princess Power here!
We were sent these products to review but all thoughts are my own!

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