Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Big Boys Bedroom

If some of you follow my Facebook page you will know that last weekend I had the trauma of my little boy moving from his cot to his big boys bed. SOB. We did redecorate his bedroom over Christmas knowing that the big move was imminent but I never showed off what it now looks like. So take a little peruse at some of my favourite parts of a 'big boys bedroom'. Whilst I sit and weep in the corner planning to get pregnant asap...

Firstly no room in my house would be complete without some beautiful bunting. The top photo shows some from Mamas and Papas I brought in the sale. The red ball hanging is from Wilkos and the 'E' sign is also from Mamas and Papas. The car pictures were from my friend Sheila and the star light was from Home Bargains.

Both of my kiddos have the alphabet as part of their bedroom decor. I think it must be the teacher in me. The little polka dotted 'e' is from Clintons and formed part of the decorations at my boys Christening. And of course...a bit more bunting!

We have a low book shelf in the room from Ikea and housed on the top shelf are some very special things that have been brought or made for my boy. The red 'E' my good friend Melissa made with her little girl for a Christening present. Next to it is a box frame from Ikea housing a gift tag my very talented chum Bec made (who is planning on starting her own crafty blog very soon!).

We currently have a black out blind up in the boys room from the Gro Company, as well as a plain Ikea one over the top to ensure no light gets in at all. We are considering getting a more exciting one that we know the boy would love and VELUX sell a brand of Disney ones that would be just perfect for our now Disneyland obsessed little boy! The below Mickey one would be ideal.

Finally in the corner of the room we have a little set of Ikea drawers. On top are a few more special bits and bobs, which is for me more than him. His little band from when he was born in the hospital in a frame his Dad brought him, his first pair of teeny tiny jelly shoes and his first sun hat (oh the many weeps). I am sure within the next few years these things will be kicked out and shoved in a memory box but for now they are staying put!



  1. That's so lovely and he looks like he's really at home with it all already. I really need some lights like that for Zs room!

    1. Oh the star is a fiver from Home Bargains! You really should get some. They are lovely! x

  2. Oh bless!! I know what you mean Em - I'm having major baby cravings at the moment too!! Every new stage just reminds you how much they've grown, doesn't it??! Weep!! :) Your wee man's bedroom is gorgeous though - I'm really jealous of the bunting&absolutely love all the letters too! Xx

    1. Shall we make a pact and have some together!!!! x

  3. Ah he looks so cute and small sat in his big boy bed and reading *sobs with you*. x

  4. Hi Emma,

    (Great name!)

    I loved reading about what you've done to your boy's bedroom. I hope he's enjoying it.

    I work for Sterlingbuild. Along with VELUX roof windows, we sell VELUX blinds. The Disney VELUX blind is a great choice and one of the favourites in the office so I'm sure it will look great in his bedroom. And being a blackout blind, it might mean you get a weekend lie-in :)

    Please feel free to get in touch to see about a donation from the Sterlingbuild team to one young boy's big boy room! My contact details are ew@sterlingbuild.co.uk and 01304 219922.

    All the best,

  5. Your house is bunting central, I love it! x

  6. What a cute room! But, remember, no more babies. We are almost free of nappies.


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