Saturday, 21 March 2015

Hop Little Bunny Hop Hop Hop

Hooray! One of my favourite holidays of the year is nearly upon us. The joy that is Easter. 1) you have two weeks off 2) its generally a tiny bit sunny and 3) THERE IS A CHOCOLATE FREE FOR ALL! As a family we all get together and make a bit of a fuss and not only did poor old Jesus die at this time (and then came back to life obvs) but it's also my Mother's Birthday. Which means generally we make a bit of an effort to look nice for the photos. Gotta love those insta-shams!

I've not brought my little boy anything to wear as yet. The girl already has a super lovely frock I bought last year in the sale at Next (yes I am one of the loons that queues up). So I have been trawling the net and made a bit of a wish list for what I would like to see him in this Easter.

Number 1 is two lovely shirts I spotted on kids fashion website Melijoe. Made by the brand Burberry they are adorable in both colours but the one with a hint of yellow in it reminds me of a little Easter chick. To go with it 2 and 3 are trousers from Next. You can't beat Next for jeans and chinos that wash really well and you can also pop them in the dryer. Which is EVERY Mother's dream! 

Number 4 is a little sweatshirt from Primark. I love the detailing on the elbows and it would be great to pop over the Melijoe shirts if it does get a bit nippy out and about. Little Bird is a brand I have had my eyes on for a while at Mothercare. They do amazing shoes and I know for a fact if these came in adult sizes? The other half would defo be rocking them. And number 6? A pair of ridiculous shabby chic bunny ears from Sass and Belle. If you can't wear bunny ears when you are 2? Then when the hell can you?

The next fortnight will be preparing for the big event including the stress of the Easter bonnet parade, thinking of ingenious ways to hide eggs in every nook and cranny of my house and looking forward to the joy of no school run. Bring. It. On!

Written in collaboration with Melijoe.


  1. Super cute but super smart - little dude clothes! x

  2. THOSE BOOTS! You definitely need to get him those, they are amazing!! Please don't tell me you queue up for the Next sale at the Bullring though?! That's got to be the worst. I send Elsa's daddy to Merry Hill when we do it, I'm not getting up at silly o'clock to go shopping! Haha.


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