Tiptoe Through the Daffodils

Isn't it amazing what a bit of sun can do? How the very sight of it can make us British people rush outdoors, ditch the coats and consider wearing flip flops. Despite is still being ruddy freezing. At the weekend we all left our germ ridden rotten beds to get a bit of fresh air at Hatton Country World. A fab place we love that I have written about a few times. Hell my girl even features as 'December' in this years calendar. True story!

When we arrived it became apparent (due to people lugging around armfuls of flowers) that there was a daffodil field there and you could pick bunches and take them home. And there's another thing British people love? Free stuff. Here's some photos from the day. I am happy to confirm that compared to the lavender fields I dragged the other half to last year. Daffodil fields appear to be wasp and stroppy toddler free! Result. Happy days.

There's lots going on at Hatton Country World this Easter ranging from holding teeny tiny chicks to Easter Egg hunts to dancing at a children' disco. If you would like to find out more please visit their site here!
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