9 Ways Sunny Weather Saves Parents Sanity

1) You can legitimately don a pair of sunglasses on the school run to cover your face and not look like wannabee celeb. When really you just forgot to wash your face and that's why you are wearing sunglasses in the mid October pouring rain. 

2) Every meal can be eaten outside. And every bit of mess can be left on the floor for 'the animals' to eat. Like you are doing them a favour. I'm not sure what kind of hybrid wild killer bird would eat a chicken nugget but hey they are always gone the next day! #winning

It's slightly sunny so that's why I am wearing sunglasses. Not cause I look like sh*t under them

3) We all know messy play indoors sucks ass. But during sunny times it means sand, water and a whole host of outdoors opportunities for 'learning through mess'! (whilst you watch lovingly with your feet dipped in the paddling pool. Feeling a bit smug at how well you are educating your children). 

4) Local rough parks look ace in the sun. I live in inner city Birmingham and generally parks round here look like crack dens. Not in the summer! They look urban and street! And produce some amazing Instagrams

5) Summer forces one to shave ones legs (unless wearing long skirts which requires no shaving or jeggings which means your ankles and toes will need a trim) thus improving ones love life! Or at least your other half won't think you're crossed with a wilderbeast for a month or two. Who am I kidding? It's the UK - three days max.

Today? I shaved my toes and ankles! My husband is a lucky man

6) Picnic food is the food of Gods! It means that every meal you eat outside can be sausage based from rolls to chipolatas. With an added slab of cucumber for 'healthy eating' (to be ignored in favour of more sausage). 

7) The ice cream is a reasonable choice of bribe on a sunny day rather than you looking mental when you are screaming at your children in the middle of the local shop that no they can't have a Calipo in mid December.

8) There is nothing on earth as great as hanging your washing up to dry on the line. If you're not a Mother yet you won't appreciate this. Your time will come. And you will be dreaming of brand new pastel pegs.

Summer. Life Saver

9) PIMMS!!! Nuff said. 
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