Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Joint Decision

I shall let you into a little secret. My husband and I? Do not have a joint account. I KNOW! Shocking eh? We share a house, we share the responsibility of two actual real life humans but we don't share a bank account. It is just something that I have never managed to get my head around. I like the fact that we both have places we can call our own and that our money is separate but it is a total pain in the bum when it comes to paying bills.

We have a weird and not very practical system where he pays some and I pay some and then we get all confused and we can't quite work out who pays more. Then I have to get my dead geeky 'Mum' spreadsheet out. And gah! Well let's just say it gets a little out of hand and to be honest it's not the most romantic of situations. I now think the time is coming close where we need to seriously think about getting a joint (eek so grown up!) account together.

The benefits of a joint account are that we can have one place where we can have all our direct debits taken from. I would also like a pot of money that can be used for things we both should really invest in for example kids shoes or if we take them out for the day. Beats me going "I paid £40 three weeks ago for a toddler boys coat so by rights after you take off the petrol you paid for me you owe me £7". We've been looking around and one of the banks that is currently offering a switch your account product is TSB. 

The account is one where we could pay in all our income and have all our direct debits come out. As well as 600 branches nationwide there is a dedicated team on offer who would manage the switch for us. Also there are a number of free services we could use to help us manage our money. For example something that has proved invaluable in the past for me, when I've (cough, cough) spent a bit too much in the sale at Next, is the balance and limit text alert option. 

If you're considering making the big step to get a joint account or are interested in changing banks why not look at the TSB switching page

Written in collaboration with TSB


  1. Hubby and I set up joint accounts when we first took out our original mortgage. We now have a joint account our pay goes into and another one that all bills are paid from and a standing roder goes from one to the other - what's left is for spending :) x

  2. My husband and I are trying to get a joint account sorted so that all the bills can come out of that, but it's something that keeps getting pushed back! Not very organised here!

  3. You're not the only one. We don't have a joint account either. It's partly because I'm not a UK citizen and sharing an account with me could cause problems for hubby. But even once I get nationality, we probably won't bother. This arrangement seems to work for us.


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