Saturday, 18 April 2015

Annie for a Day

I'm not sure if you know this about me but I am a HUGE musicals fan. Hell yeah that's how cool I am. I love everything about them. The fact that randoms burst into song at any given moment and that everyone knows the dance routine. No matter how intricate. So when we were offered the chance to not only go to London to take part in an Annie dance workshop with some other lovely bloggers. At Pineapple Dance studios. With top choreographer Richard Marcel from Strictly Come Dancing? I SCREAMED! (like I literally screamed).

When I was little I watched Annie day in and day out. My sister and I would recreate full scenes. My children were introduced to it at an early age (the boy watches it on a daily basis. No lie) and I've got a clip somewhere of my girl singing 'Maybe' when she was 2 (WEEP). As you may know she's off to school in September so this was the perfect chance to spend some one on one time with her, doing something exciting that hopefully she will always remember. Below are a few photos from the day and I've also included a little vlog that she filmed.

What struck me most about the day is that she was such a good girl. You know sometimes you look at your child in a different light? She listened. She danced when she was supposed to. She only got a bit grumpy once when she wanted a red brush not green. She was ace. I was so proud. It was a proud Mummy moment. That made me love her so much I wanted to eat her for my tea. I didn't. I chose copious amounts of free cake instead (standard).

We danced to 'It's a Hard Knock Life'. And I'm not saying that me and my sister (hell yeah we snuck her in) went OTT. But when given a mop? We went OTT. The event was to promote the new Annie DVD that is out on 27th April. We rushed out to see it over Christmas and we all LOVED it. Even me and I was very sceptical that anyone could recreate my dream part of Miss Hannigan (hell yeah I could play an ace singing drunk). If you want to check out more about the new Annie DVD release look at the Facebook page here! Basically for that day, me, my girl and my sister? WERE Annie. And we ruddy loved it.

Please note my full jazz hands and wide open jazz mouth. A STAR WAS BORN! Maybe.



  1. It looked like such an amazing day. I use to go to Pineapple when I was younger to their Performing Arts School and being such a musical fan I hope they still have these workshops when my little one gets a bit older. :-) x

  2. Looks like a fabulous day!!! I too love musicals (and Jazz hands) so am a little bit (a lot) jealous!!!

  3. I so wanted to go!! Looks amazing, glad it was all you'd hoped it would be x


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