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As well all know by now I am not the kind of Mum that is good at making Easter hats or baking lovely cupcakes for my other half to enjoy. I have embraced this. Because there is one thing I am really good at? That I ROCK at. And that is planning a ruddy good celebration. I have a motto for such times which is "go hard or go home". My house contains bags full of different bunting for different events and a box with a range of decorations. I go over the top. It makes me happy.

And Easter? Is no different. This year I added another element I have not used before...the helium balloon (oh la laaa)! The ultimate kiddies party favourite which I got in a handy kit from Balloon Time which we brought in Asda. My other half planned the egg hunt and I made little baskets of goodies for them both from Poundland. I also got some bits and bobs from Home Bargains and the ultimate dream. A GIANT Kinder Egg Surprise egg for them both. My boy actually screamed. The loon.

The Balloon Time Helium Kit comes with a canister of helium, a variety of 30 different coloured latex balloons and a spool of white ribbon. I opted for yellow and green balloons in our kitchen as it was a nice daffodil Easter theme. To blow up the balloons it is dead simple you just put a balloon on the nozzle at end of the valve, let in some helium and hey presto! It blows up to the size you require. Also for their Easter baskets we added a pink and blue balloon so they knew exactly whose was whose and there were no fights over creme eggs!

On the shelf in our kitchen we added some Easter bits and bobs including some fairy lights, a lovely bunny and a bluebird I knitted myself! (I didn't). And the kiddos also painted some eggs. I bet you couldn't tell that. They look shop brought (ahem).

I am not entirely sure that if the children loved the egg hunt more or the fact that I ordained that they could officially have chocolate for breakfast every Easter. This made them very happy and I may have joined them with gulping down a whole Cadbury's Mini Egg one.

Both of the children had an amazing Easter and the Balloon Time Helium Kit really added some colour and excitement to the proceedings. It is something I would definitely use again when their birthdays come around in December and January. Why not watch a vlog of our day below?

I'm working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the "Celebration Club", highlighting fun ways of using balloons.
 I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. 
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