People. Be. Cray

I have been blogging for a good year or so now and have had my fair share of trolls. Mainly for two or three posts that seem to have hit a nerve with someone or a group of people and they felt the need to politely drop me a line and put across their point of view. Oh sorry I mean send me horrible, and sometimes violent, messages on social media. Which wasn't great, made me cry and I will be honest it has made me think very, very carefully about what I write.

I am always conscious that I may offend someone, somewhere. That one person may be upset by my words or feel so outraged that they tell me my children need to took into care, I don't deserve to be a Mother or tell my husband that he needs to "ditch his ho" (actually that one made me giggle). I now am not as brave with my words, my opinions are not written so strongly and my anger kept locked away.

But today? Today someone crossed a line and proved for once and all? That People. Be. Cray. I posted a fairly innocent photo of my son on instagram and a stranger chose to tell me that they thought my son was "ugly". Followed by, just in case I didn't get the point, that they looked like a "gremlin". Yes gremlins, you know from the eighties? Now unless the person kinda hearts ugly gremlins? I don't think these words were kind. In fact? They were f*cking untrue, ridiculous, not very clever and plain wrong.

Not a Gremlin

Because as his Mother? To me my son is the most gorgeous little boy alive. Sure he's not perfect and when's naughty he can tip me over the edge. But he's funny, smart, cute and bloody beautiful. And? He is also two. He's not a 37 year old woman who can defend herself with witty words such as "stop being a bellend". He's a child. And picking on children is unacceptable. I would have thought that was kinda obvious?

I started this blog as a way of having something online to document my children's early years. So when they are older they can look back at the fun we had, the places we visited and how very much I loved them. But then as the year has gone on I have tried to write blog posts I hope they, or their future partners, can refer to when they have my grandchildren (eek!). Little nuggets to help them realise that despite me being a bit crap sometimes my heart was always in the right place, and theirs will be too.

Nope still not a Gremlin!

As someone who is putting a good portion of herself online for the world to see I suppose that you cannot expect to please all of the people all of the time. So I will expect the odd teeny bit of abuse. But I would just like to reiterate one more time. I am not a multi national company. I am one woman, jotting down a few bits and bobs to cheer a few people and hopefully keep some memories for when I am older. I am a real person, my children are real people. When you write comments, we read them and they can hurt us. I don't sit in a swish blogging office, rolling around on pots of money I have made from the blog, doing an evil cackle like Dr Evil. I am in tatty pyjamas, drinking a cup of tea and wondering when I can squeeze in watching TOWE.

OK I could totally remove my children from my work. But I hope you all understand (and god this sounds so w*nky) they are my work? They are what fuel me to write. Being a Mother is rock hard and has totally changed me. For the most part for the better. I want to record and not miss one single moment.

So let's make a little deal. If some pr*ck calls either of my children a horrible name on social media and you will see that I politely tell them that I have blocked and reported them, as feeding the troll often makes them get worse (the weirdos). Believe you me very quietly in the back of my head? I am calling them the C word. Yeah you know the dead bad one. And if that offends you? Unlucky. No-one calls my son an "ugly gremlin" and gets away with it.

No Gremlin here!
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