Thursday, 2 April 2015

Roll Up. Roll Up. Mr Tumbles in Town!

It's that time of year again when the amazing child tamer (my kids go silent when he comes on) Justin rolls into town with a whole host of other CBeebies favourites ranging from Andy and his dinosaurs to swashbuckling star Gemma. This year the show takes on a circus theme with 'Mr Tumble's Circus' and will no doubt be the most fun you can have with your kiddies this Easter (obviously bar consuming your body weight in chocolate).

You know me and my love of CBeebies presenters (Mr Bloom how I love thee) so I took my little girl to see Justin and Friends at the NEC Arena when she was two. It was a special day out for us as I had just had my son and we wanted some girly time alone. It was brilliant and something I will always remember. So if you are going to the show. Or thinking about going? To get you in the mood below is an exclusive video of what you will see as well as some top tips to prepare you for the day!

The list of CBeebies stars who will be there this year include: Mr Tumble and Justin (they look kinda similar no?), Andy, CBeebies presenter Cat and Swashbuckling star Gemma Hunt. What I did before the show was ensure that for a few days when she was watching tele it was all CBeebies based! Talking about all the presenters and getting her excited for the fun ahead. 

Getting there:
Make sure you do the total opposite of what I did and ensure you know how to get to where you are going. This may be a time you want to brave the train, which kids love! We drove, I got lost and didn't have enough change for parking. I did have a little hormonal cry I seem to remember.

The venue:
Going to a large arena can be quite intimidating for little ones so maybe prep them before hand on what is going to happen. And give their hand that extra squeeze if they look nervous. Also there will be lots of lovely bits and bobs on offer to buy but I must admit I packed a few sweets in my Mum bag and let her choose one small present before the show started. We opted for a flashing light which was fun to watch as the lights went down. And was in no way shape annoying in the car all the way home.

The show!:
Don't worry if you aren't sat at the front! With the huge screens it is still possible to see the amazing show easily. And I will be honest. In the second half when Mr Tumble himself ran through the audience? I may have screamed. Quite, quite loudly. Whilst my girl looked at me baffled. Also there will be bits you can dance along to which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sorry I mean my two year old did. Ahem. 

If you're interested in treating your little ones to an extra special treat this Easter there are still tickets available to see Justin and Friends in 'Mr Tumble's Circus' buy tickets here or visit the Facebook page here!

This post was written in collaboration with CBeebies Live


  1. This looks fab! We love a bit of Mr Tumble, but like you not as much as the Bloomer! Have to chat Bloom at BML x

    1. Oh Mr Tumble is so much fun! Hope you have a really lovely Easter chick x


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