Top Tips for the all New Thomas Land!

As a parent there will always be places that are really close to our hearts. That will remind us of our children and the happy times we spent with them. It can be somewhere like a local park, or baby club. Somewhere daft like a garden centre or for me a place I have visited more times than I can count, Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park. I have written a few posts on our trips there. And the first ever YouTube video we did was a day trip when we visited again last year.

So with the arrival of the all new (eek!) Thomas Land expansion I thought I would use all my experience with the joy that is Drayton Manor by offering a few tips for a day out there. Whilst showing off some photos from the amazing new selection of rides that have taken over a whole new corner of the theme park.

1) Best Time to Visit Thomas and his Friends
As soon as you get into Drayton Manor you will see Thomas Land and the temptation to run in and scream "PERCY!!!" is a bit too much...but I found that it is much quieter in there late afternoon. Either a lot of the children have gone home or are having naps in their buggy. But? If the temptation to go on the rides is too much why not try the old faithfuls like Harold's Helicopters whilst the newer rides like Flynn's Fire Rescue calm down.

2) It's Not Just About the Rides!
A few times a day The Fat Controller comes out to do a show and this is a great little treat for your tots in between rides. Dancing on top of the main train station, this is a perfect stop off from leaving the older rides and walking through to the new ones like Captain's Sea Adventure above or my girls new favourite Flynn's Fire Rescue below. Pack a rain mac. You may (will) get wet! Also don't worry about buggies. There are lots of places to pop them whilst you try and soak each other.

3) Venture Out and About
Thomas Land is AMAZING for your tots but it's also great to venture out and about to the rest of the park. We always love to go on the carousel. There's a 4D cinema showing kid friendly films and lots of daft things to explire like pretending to catch a real life shark. Oh and of course Donuts...

4) There's More to Thomas than Thomas Land
If you take a stroll through the zoo you will not only stumble across some amazing dinosaurs but also a fantastic playground which my children literally spend hours on (oh and in the soft play situated on the side of Thomas Land). For this year there is the addition of a few new picnic tables which made me extremely happy as I hid wolfing down an ice cream whilst the other half watched the kids. Also round the corner from there is hidden Terence's Driving School. Next hop on Thomas himself to get a life back to the main park. This station is always less busy and you also get to pass ostriches and flamingos! Result.

5) Food Glorious Food!
There are stacks of places to eat throughout Drayton Manor. If you are thinking of taking a picnic like I generally do, there are loads of spots for you to sit and have your dinner. It might be on a bench overlooking the lake, or in the Thomas themed playground. But one of the new features in the expansion is a lovely large cafe. Which not only sells sandwiches. But cake. And proper nice cake at that (see above). So I would say pack a picnic but make sure you shove a few quid in your purse for a slice of rainbow heaven. 

To take a look at the new rides or what Thomas Land has to offer visit their website here. If you are off work with a little one you may want to consider the Toddler Day Pass which is £20 for you and your tot! Have a look at prices here.

Check out our day in the vlog below!

We were sent the tickets to review Thomas Land. BUT WE LOVE IT!

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