Friday, 3 April 2015

Weekly Wonders: Bumper Easter Edition!

Hello! It's been a while since I have done Weekly Wonders roundup. But we have received a few lovely bits and bobs in the post recently so thought I would do a bumper Easter edition. Including a parcel that my girl got in the post which made her sequel and fight with her brother over it for a good hour, a cute Easter bunny DVD and some favourite products sent for the kiddos that I may (totes will) be easing on myself. So here goes...

Present For The Girl: Barbie Bubble-Tastic
My girl is obsessed with Barbie. She loves the films which we have reviewed in the past but now Barbie has been taken to another level with the Barbie Bubble-Tastic. Dressed as a mermaid, the Barbie has a rather unusual tale. It is a magic tale that with a bit of help from Dad it can make bubbles!

The cut outs in her fin can be dipped in the bubbles that you pop in the tray (both provided). You then pull the string in her back and hey presto! Bubbles are made! Both of my kiddos loved it and I think it is a great toy to use in the garden during the summer or also for a bit of a mess around before bathtime. The Barbie Bubble-Tastic is available in loads of toy shops and to find out more (as well as a few fun activities to print and colour in) check out here!

Present for Easter: Peter Rabbit Tales of the Start of Spring
I don't know if you noticed but it's Easter? And what's the best bit about this particular holiday? The Easter bunny of course! The popular CBeebies show Peter Rabbit has released a DVD for the season which contains a special 22 minute episode 'The Tale of the Start of Spring'. As well as a host of other episodes including Dash in the Dark and the Secret Treehouse.

The DVD is perfect to watch with the whole family over this bank holiday weekend (and looking outside at the cloudy weather we may be having a few movie afternoons). To find out more about the Peter Rabbit: Tales of the Start of Spring DVD please visit here.

Lovely Skin Products for Mummy, sorry I mean, the Children: Aveeno
I have written about my love of Aveeno before. Both of my children suffer from dry skin which only seems to get worse when the radiators are on full blast. And of all the products we have used (and believe you me we have used EVERYTHING) this truly is the best. It smells nice and not like chip fat and the Aveeno Cream is generally stolen for me and used as hand cream.

Knowing that dry skin is quite common in little ones Aveeno have developed the characters Ellie and Eddie to help explain to your child why they may get dry skin. It also tells them how the cream can help to keep dry and eczema prone skin under control. To download the eBook and follow the adventures of Ellie and Eddie go and download the eBook here!

We were sent these products to review but as per usual all views are our own!



  1. May have a look at those Aveeno products, as my son suffers from dry skin as well.


  2. Ooooh I've never used Aveeno, another brand I really need to try - thanks for the heads up x

    1. It is such a really really good brand and works so well! x


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