Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bring On The Sun!

We had the sun. I think it lasted three days. And now? WE WANT SOME MORE! My two love being outside on a nice hot day and quite frankly with the amount of floral headbands my girl keeps conning me into buying? You would think it is the midst of August now. We also have new jelly shoes, summer frocks and a whole variety of sun hats. All we needed? Was some sunglasses, that wouldn't fall off her head mid run, or snap when her brother 'accidentally' bent them.

So we were super happy when Optical Express sent us some of their children's sunglasses made by Australian brand J Banz. They are fitted with a unique snazzy neoprene (that sounds proper scientific doesn't it?) band which helps the glasses stay put when your little ones are running along the beach or bombing head first down a slide in the park. What you might not know is that children's eyes are super susceptible to UV rays, which can lead to glaucoma in later life. Whilst sunglasses may seem like an irritating thing they won't keep on their head? They are really important when your kiddos go out on a sunny day.

So next time you fill your giant Mum bag, make sure you pack along with the sun tan lotion and sun hats. A good pair of sunglasses. And with these J Banz ones from Optical Express? At least you can be promised they won't be lost in a pile of sand within the first 15 minutes of hitting the beach!

This post was written in collaboration with Optical Express

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  1. These do look good. My pair love their sunglasses but they do fall off or get snapped!


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