Monday, 25 May 2015

Fashion Ready to Splash In!

Hooray! It is getting closer to the summer. Yes OK so as I am sat typing this, the weather outside is not that great and it's been ages since we have seen the sun in Brum but we need to have hope! We are planning on booking a holiday in hotter climes soon and also I fully intend on spending six weeks outside during the summer holiday. The paddling pool will be out, the sprinkler will be on and all food shall be consumed on a picnic blanket. So the time is right to get my two new cossies, so here is a little wish list of my top online picks.

I always like to take a 'cover all' round the pool for the little ones as they have the attention span of gnats and inevitably like to go to the park area or for an ice cream after three minutes! This little dress (1) by brand Souris Mini off kids fashion site Melijoe is perfect and compliments the little cute sunglasses costume (3) also off Melijoe from Sunuva. The palm tree one piece is from Primark and comes in at just £3!

For my little boy I like long shorts as he is still in swimming nappies and they tend to hold it all in. Number 4 is a basic pair of shorts from Primark. Which would be good round the pool or running around the garden. For the beach when it is super hot I like to have a trunks that also come with a top so the dreadful job of spreading on sun tan lotion is just limited to arms and legs! So 5 is from Next and perfect for that. Melijoe to a great range of designer brands on their site so this red Ralph Lauren pair would be fab for the pool, the garden or combined with a nice shirt for the evening. My boy is currently OBSESSED with dinosaurs so this Kiwi pair from Melijoe would be his dream!

Now all we need is a bit of warm weather and it will be water fights, ice cream and Pimms (for me obvs) all round! 

This post was written in collaboration with Melijoe

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