Saturday, 16 May 2015

Five Ways Plan A Rainy Day Movie Afternoon

So it's raining. Plans of going for a picnic are shelved. A visit to the zoo is off. You can't face soft play and the idea of getting the paints out makes you have a small weep. In this circumstance? The best thing to do is? To host a rainy day movie afternoon! You have the joy of being able to tuck into some sweet treats like in the cinema but without the fear of your toddler talking throughout the whole movie or one of them weeing on you knee (true story).

The Venue
Your house! Which means whilst you watch the film (let's call it movie to make it seem even more like the flicks) your little ones can pop to the loo unaided, play with their Thomas Toys or shout "MINIONS" at the top of their voice without you being embarrassed.

The Movie
Whenever I pop out shopping I like to peruse the DVDs and look for a bit of a bargain. Even better you don't have to leave the house. You could just look at online stories like Tesco that sell a fab range of bargain DVDs here. I'll be honest. I like to pick ones I know I will love too. Old school Disney is my favourite.

Indoor Picnic
To children there is nothing better than eating your dinner. On the floor. For some reason? Eating what you would usually have, put on a tatty old rug on the floor? Makes it all seem so much more exciting! So before the film starts treat them to an 'Indoor Picnic' also know as 'What You Usually Eat But On The Floor'.

Added Extras
In loads of pound shops now they sell popcorn holders. And not only do the kiddos love them. They look AMAZING when instagrammed. And nothing sounds more like 'Fab Mum' than hosting a rainy movie afternoon with shabby chic accessories. I always have microwave popcorn in the cupboard and watching that pop is a joy in itself to tots.

I like my movie afternoons in my bed. There is nothing better in life, than cuddles with small children, eating hot popcorn, whilst watching an old classic. Pure perfection. And no wee on my knee #winning

Written for Tesco


  1. Love this, such a great idea. Love your blog and how honest (& hilarious) your posts are, I look forward to reading them. Keep them coming :) x

    1. Ah thanks so much!!! What a lovely comment :) xxx

  2. Sounds like such a fun afternoon. Baby cuddles are amazing. X

    1. BABY CUDDLES ROCK!!! I'm having one now. At 5:30am? Not so good x

  3. There is nothing I like more than a movie afternoon with the kids. Picnics, snacks, snuggling. It's all good! x

    1. Food, cuddles and a bed? It's the dream!!! x

  4. Such a gorgeous photo! Love watching films with the little ones and munching on popcorn :) x


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