Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saving Money the Mummy Way

I'm not sure if you know this about me but I am a teeny tiny bit tight. I LOVE showering the kiddos with gifts. I LOVE buying myself treats, but since I have been on maternity leave I now just do it a little bit wiser. I work two days a week so the days of going out and buying a Marc Jacobs bag (I know - what on earth do I need that for now?) are long gone. I crave a voucher, I long for a 342 and when shops have those 20% off weekends? I'm rabid! So here are some ways I've saved money. Which I inevitably spend on more tat.

Loyalty Schemes
They seem a bit of a pain in the ar*e as you have to fill the paperwork in but if there's a shop you love then join the loyalty scheme. I am a HUGE fan of the Boots Advantage Card. I use it loads and generally save up my points to buy some ridiculous treat that makes me happy. Other cards that are fab are the Tesco Clubcard. I often save points on here and exchange them for 'days out' tickets to LEGOLAND or CBeebies. You know I love me a day out.

Happy days with a Thomas annual pass

Annual Passes
At the time of purchase they can seem a bit pricey but it really is a good idea to check out annual passes to your favourite days out. I have a Birmingham Botanical Gardens one which was super cheap and we use all the time. Drayton Manor do an amazing toddler pass which can be used in non term time and when we had it? We literally went every week. Sometimes just hitting the soft play or zoo.

Generally before I do any shopping trip I look at voucher sites online. I type in the shop that I am popping into and then see if anything comes up. There are loads of sites out there to try and a good one to visit is VoucherBin UK which offers all sorts of vouchers including fashion, travel and beauty. I also keep any vouchers sent to me in the post and love getting them out to save a fiver here or there (my husband thinks I am insane and looks all shifty at the till).

I do not buy any beauty products unless it is in a 342. I love to get all my shampoos, make up and anything really when it is on offer and then I have a box in my bathroom with all my little stash in. I am like a hoarder of £1 deodorants. I stock it up every few months and it keeps me happy.

All make up would have been brought 342. Fact

The Box of Presents
I've spoken about my joyous 'Box of Presents' before in my 'Extreme Mumsying' post. I. Love. It. Throughout the year I collect little gifts that I think would do for kids friends parties, or my friends or even my girls teachers. It is all there. And presents for emergencies that we can just pick out. Also in here are cards and does anyone else reuse gift bags?

Lose Your Mind
There are times when I find myself in circumstances when I feel I have lost my mind in the quest to save a few quid. You will often find me queueing up outside the Next sale at 6am. And did you know a few weeks after the Boots Sale at Christmas EVERYTHING goes down to 25%? I may have gone with a trolley and fought people whilst ramming Soap and Glory box sets in their sweating profusely. It was a dream.

So there's some of the ways I like to save money and I often wonder if I go back to work full time if I will still be stood outside Next freezing my ass off in the dark just to get half price clothes. Weirdly? I think I will.

Written in collaboration with Voucherbin


  1. We'd get on so well! I've become so frugal/money saving orientated since I've had Evie. This is a great list! :-D I've never heard of voucher bin before. I'm going to search for it today. We do the present bin too & we buy cards in bulk at the start of the year. Maybe a bit over the top but it saves us money. :-)

    Life Unexpected

    1. Never over the top! Oh I need to start buying my cards in bulk! That's an amazing idea! x

  2. I will do anything to save some money. I love that I work in Home Bargains, not only is everything so cheap I also get staff discount! I have a superdrug card I buy all my bits when on 342 aswell and I love their better than half price offers so much that by the end of the year I may have enough points to superdrug itself no kidding I'm a bit obsessed!

    1. OH MY GOD DISCOUNT IN HOME BARGAINS!!! That for me is the actual dream! x


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