Why It's OK To Have The Odd Moan

I know I love my kids. My kids know I love them. Working in secondary education for well over a decade has shown me what kids are like who don't know what it is like to be loved. Or even liked for that matter. How that effects their behaviour, their outlook on life. And it's awful. And heartbreaking. But I am in the privileged position that my children will never know this pain. Ever. I love them with every inch of my being and I tell them every, single day.

But that doesn't mean that sometimes? They don't drive me utterly insane. Like close to the edge insane. I am fully aware that I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children. And I appreciate them so much. But if you ate chocolate for every meal, as much as you love it? Sometimes? It's going to make you feel a bit sick.

And that's why it's OK to have the odd moan. Life is imperfect. We are imperfect. Yet increasingly we are feeling the pressure to feel perfect. Whether it be in our teens when we think immediate stardom is awaiting on YouTube or the X Factor. Or in our 20's that we can find the perfect career and handsome husband. Or in our 30's we think that our life is a instagrammed, pinterest perfect world full of amazing cakes and happy smiling children. And if that's the way your life did pan out then hats off to you lucky, lucky sod.

But for the rest of us we have to make the most of the happy moments, but embrace that the crappy moments also come with them. And whilst some of you may tuck into a vino when the kids are in bed, or eat a chocolate bar hiding in the kitchen. I? Write my moans down. Because in some weird way I think if I write my moans down it is counteracting the rest of the social media bullsh*t we have to put up with. I want my kids to grow up and know that whilst I loved them, that raising children is a marvellously hard and complex journey. With the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

To some the moaning may appear negative. But to me it is far more positive than a heavily styled instagrammed shot of someones breakfast in a white chic kitchen, whilst I'm eating toast off a Peppa plate and drinking cold tea in Birmingham. The population is made up of all walks of life. But I can pretty much say I am 100% certain that no-one is perfect. I embrace this side of parenting. And that is why I write about it with a sense of humour and love in my heart.

So let's make a small deal. Let's all agree that the odd moan ever so often. Is OK. It's alright. It's healthy. It may not be everybody's style. But that is fine. They can walk away and go and find something they love. We ALL appreciate our kids. We ALL love our kids. And we all have the common sense to have the foresight to be able to explain to them in the future why sometimes? They were ruddy hard work. And like moaning? That's OK too.
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