Monday, 22 June 2015

A Fathers Day Fit For A Little Kingdom!

As well all know yesterday was Father's Day. So I thought I would share a bit about our very lovely, but massively busy day out. On Friday and Saturday I was at BritMums, which is a blogging conference. I ate too much cake, drank a bit too much free wine and returned a broken women. However? I wanted to ensure that the other half had a day fit for a King. We managed to squeeze in fab personalised presents, a Mcdonalds treat, a trip to Ben and Holly Live, Weston-Super-Mare's beach and The Red Arrows!

Crazy bed hair and presents. Best morning ever!

My very own fairy Princess

Preparation started for the big day last week. Online personalised wrapping paper and card company 'Dom and Geri' kindly sent us some bits for the other half. Using a cute photo of the kids (which blew my boys mind) the paper takes adding that personal touch one step further. I just used a shot off my instagram of them all on the give a clue of the adventures we had ahead. They were both fab quality products and took the wear and tear of being mauled by small children 'helping' really well.


Floral headbands at McDonalds...a must!

Before we went to see Ben and Holly Live we did what my other half loves best. And that is a nice trip to McDonalds for breakfast. He's such a cheap date. Next we popped in the car, drove up to Weston and went and watched Ben and Holly Live. We are going to be working with Ben and Holly over the next few months so it was fab to see them, Nanny Plum and King Thistle in action. As per usual I randomly cried at 'The Magic'. To get a better of idea what the show was like check out the vlog of the day at the bottom of this post.

The original brummymummydaddyof2 and my sister Claireabella

It was a tad windy on the beach. Can you tell?

Finally, there is was one other important man to hand out with this weekend? And that was my very own Dad! He came up to Weston for the day and after being stuck in a two hour traffic jam (if you see my Mum? NEVER mention it to her) we got to spend some time with my sister Claire on the pier. There was a huge air display on and we all sat together on a very windy beach watching the amazing Red Arrows. It was an ace and VERY busy weekend and to be honest? I'm looking forward to work today for a bit of a break!

Watch all our of adventures here!

This post was written in collaboration with Dom and Geri!


  1. What a weekend and wow, two hour traffic jam. It looks like it was packed full of fun though. Hope you have a nice quiet day today ;)

  2. Love the paper & his face is just OMG-ness at it. Amazing

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend, your little boys fave is amazing looking at the wrapping paper. My two girls were lucky enough to spend time with their Daddy, grandad and great grandad for fathers day!

    1. Oh that sounds really amazing and special!!! x

  4. Ahh that looks like such a fab day! Ben and Holly looked slightly terrifying though, were they wearing masks?!?


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