Thursday, 11 June 2015

Five Easy Ways For Cleaner Summer Days!

Isn't the sun a marvellous thing? It means your kids can play outside, you can go for long walks to the park and of course it means those beams shining through the window? Highlight what a god damn mess your house is! GAH! It picks up every piece of dust, every raisin hiding in the corner and for me? The couch is suddenly covered in dog hair I swear wasn't there in Winter. Realistically if I wanted my house to be super clean I would have to ship the whole family off forever. Which isn't ideal. So here are some little things I do everyday to keep my house nice and tidy, with the minimum of effort.

Beautiful Boxes
It soon becomes clear that having a family means that you have lots of 'stuff'. Everywhere. In every room. You can try and tidy the stuff away? But the stuff just comes out again within seven minutes. So I have found the best way to keep it contained? Treat yourself to some lovely boxes which you can easily shove everything in if a guest knocks at the door or you want a quick tidy before your favourite programme is on TV.

Oh you can't beat a nice pot of flowers and a candle to make your house feel lovely!

The Right Equipment
It's no good using things to clean, that just move the dirt around. Or are too heavy for you to want to get it out everyday. I tend to do a HUGE clean once a week when my boy naps on a Thursday (oh the glamour). But then for the rest of the week? It's just keeping on top of everything. We were recently sent the VAX Air Cordless Switch Upright Vacuum to try out. It's super lightweight and as it is cordless it is really easy to quickly run round the living room, kitchen and playroom (the messiest of tips). And the lights on the front? Help highlight those pesky hiding raisins.

Get The Kids Involved
As your little ones get older a great way to tidy up quickly is to get them involved. I often have a competition with my two about who can put away their toys first. And yes generally some sort of bribe is involved but you would be surprised how much gets done with the excitement of a chocolate coin at the end of it!

NOTHING is more exciting than a new vacuum!

Little And Often
I find bar the one big clean, little and often is the way to keep my house tidy. So it may be whilst the kids are watching Peppa (again) I wipe down the kitchen surfaces. Or whilst they are running around the garden in that mad half hour before bed I will quickly put the Vax round. And more often than not? I will get the other half to shove a load on when he gets in from work.

Crack Open A Candle
There is nothing finer in life than having your house (relatively) tidy and bunging on one of your favourite candles. As it's Spring and getting closer to Summer I have brought a few new ones recently from the brand Lily Flame. I have Daisy Dip upstairs and in the living room we have Spring Time and Blush. At the end of the day, whilst the kids are in bed I like to breathe in the non play doh smelling air and enjoy the fact my house is raisin free once again...

...well until 6am tomorrow.

Watch a little demo of the vacuum!

We were sent the Vax to try out. But all thoughts are our own.


  1. Hi Brummy Mummy! We loved reading your blog. Thanks for the lovely photos and thanks to your husband for taking our Air Cordless Switch for a spin! Christina

    1. Ah! Thanks! It is such a lovely vacuum. Thanks for sending it for me to review x

  2. I'm so enamoured by the idea of a cordless vac, this one looks ace! Haven't found one that could handle a constantly shedding pug dog yet....! x

    1. I KNOW! And the bit you can pull of to vacuum the couch??? The DREAM! x

  3. We bought this to use as a "quick whip round" hoover and soon changed my mind, it is superb......We have a karcher vacuum and it could peel a Jaffa with it's suction but this Vax outdid it in spades. We had hoovered the day before and decided to use the Vax as it was fully charged and ready to go, after a fairly steady run around the front room my wife and I were amazed at the amount of dog hair and dirt it had picked up. I was more embarrassed than anything else and have since relegated the karcher to the shed and we are using the Vax as a full time vacuum.


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