I've Lost That Friday Feeling

It's Friday night. Hands up how many of you are ready to spend the night nice and cosy in your dressing gown? Take away ordered? Netflix all prepared to play the latest box set you are half way through? Just waiting for the kids to finally go to sleep so you can have a sneaky g&t or as it's summer? A lovely Pimms.

Do you remember a time when Friday night was the night for potential? A night where you started getting ready the second you got in from work. Or you strolled to your job in the morning wearing impractical heels so you could leave dead on 5.00pm and hit the local pub. We used to go to a 'wine bar' filled with men in suits. I'm not even sure wine bars exist anymore.

This bar is in my house, close to a loo, and I don't have to wear a bra!

There was that Friday night smell wasn't there? Of anticipation. The joy of not knowing if your evening was going to end up with you finally pulling that man who works in accounts. Or if you were going to spend the night weeping about being dumped the Friday before. Shoes were high, tops low cut. Bags were of the clutch variety and sometimes? You went out without a coat.

Without a coat! I don't leave anywhere now unless I have a huge Mum coat on. A brolly resides in a bag that is so far removed from a clutch. It has a strap. It goes across my front and is often full of fruit shoot lids and spare dummies. There's no feeling of anticipation. There is no wonder of what the night ahead will hold. In fact? It's the complete opposite.

You dirty bag of take away goodness!

There is a feeling of knowing exactly what the evening will hold. Your choice of wine does not come from a bar and the only beer garden? Is one outside the back of your house. One where no heels are required and the dress code is that you have your pyjama top done up so your elderly neighbours don't cop an eyeful of your low flying boobs. Cheeky snogs are replaced with comfortable silences sat on opposite couches. 

Dancing is replaced with watching the latest American 'must see' series. The only reason it is 'must see' is because we are all in the same boat. We 'must see' it to avoid going out. We are all knackered. There is a huge market for selling booze to drink in the house. Why do you think Prosecco is running dry? It's unwritten. It's unsaid. We have grown up, left wine bars behind us and my heels are firmly on the top shelf. Friday staying in. Has replaced going out out.

Put your chocolate in a bowl and feel fancy!

I will forever miss that sense of anticipation. I will forever miss the thought of 'what does this evening hold?'. The feeling of dancing around and around with my girlfriends. But? There's a whole lot of other new feelings now. There are feelings of comfort, security and pure relaxation. Times when small children cling to me with such love. Feelings I can't imagine ever being without. And as much I would love to be dolling myself up for a night out right this moment in time? These new feelings? Trump the old ones x 10.

Now pass me the Pimms. I've two 'Orange Is The New Black' to finish off...
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