I Want To Eat You For My Tea

As you all know sometimes life with two small children can be tough. Recently we have had a full month of nits and chicken pox. We've had a holiday ruined. Much sleep disturbed. And I've eaten my body weight in kids treats. But sometimes? There are moments? When I want to eat my children for my tea. Not literally obviously. But my love and adoration for them makes me want to squeeze their little faces and jump up and down whilst screaming "I MADE THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES!".

It often happens when they don't know I'm watching. The old creeping into their bedroom and watching them sleep trick. Or just staring at them like some loon whilst they are drawing, unaware of your gaze. The pox resulted in many moments of down time. Cuddles in bed, movie afternoons and colouring coming out of our ears. There were chats about which Disney Princess my girl likes most (Sleeping Beauty). The boy developed one new joke. Just the one. To be repeated continuously, with mild hysterics all round.

Other times when I wish I could gobble them up are moments of pure unadulterated fun. When they are experiencing things that make childhood amazing. Like water fights or staying in giant clean hotel beds. Eating ice creams or being flung around by their Dad. Far more dangerously than I ever would do. These pockets of fun, squeals, love, cuddles, chats and just aceness (not a word but it should be) make all the tantrums, tears, pox and god damn nits worth it. 

And if you're interested in what makes a two year old boy and four year old girl howl with laughter? It goes something like this:
"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Doctor Who?"
"Doctor BOOBIES!!!!"

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