My Water Babies

There are many, many reasons why the summer is far better than any of the other seasons. Sure you have the joy of Christmas with presents and also the excitement of running through Autumn leaves. But the summer? Means your little ones can be out all day everyday without that 'help we have been cooped all day and now we hate each other' rainy day doom.

As well as picnics, sandpits and Pimms (for me, not the kids obviously) there is also the joy of wet play. The dream of legally being able to get each other soaked and not getting told off like that time you did it in the bathroom with the sink taps. And also? Dad's come alive at summer. Dad's love water fights and love getting their hair wet. And probably sometimes being a bit too competitive with their water fun!

We were lucky enough to be able to choose some water play toys from the outdoor section of the House of Fraser website. I always prefer buying my toys online as taking two small children shopping for toys is paramount to giving the shop assistant your purse and saying "please remove £100 now to stop my children screaming". We opted for a paddling pool, two watering cans to 'water the plants' (aka each other) and some water guns to get Dad with. Or in the case of my husband 'get Mum whilst she is not looking and she can't shout as she doesn't want the neighbours to hear'.

As you can see from the pictures my two love their new toys and I presume they will get a lot of use from them this week. Which is going to be hot. And you know the UK? It could be the only week we get!

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