Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Painlessly Purchasing Presents!

I don't know if any of you have been in a toy shop with one or small children? THEN DO NOT DO IT! Buying toys for presents with your own children in tow? Is one of life's most foolish endeavours. Take it from somebody who once only managed to escape The Disney Store after she has purchased a giant sized Sully AND a giant sized Mike. So here are the ways that I now get presents for parties without having a small breakdown and losing a fortune.

Buying Online
Obviously one of the best ways to buy toys is online. You don't have to get dressed and you can have a good look whilst your kiddos are napping or watching Peppa (again). However...just be warned. When big boxes arrive? You will have to think quickly on your feet about saying what's inside!

I will only let you leave this shop if you buy me this GIANT Peppa

I am a small hoarder and one of my greatest joys is the 'gift box' I have on top of my wardrobe. Throughout the year I stockpile loads and loads of presents. It may be something that I have picked up in a sale at Christmas that I don't actually dish out till August! This box also comes in handy if one of your own children deserves a treat. I have every toy you can imagine in there from £1 sticker sets to lego city toys! (whispers...sometimes I open it, and just look at it. It makes me that happy).

This is a bit of a cheeky one but I have been known to ask my Mum to pick up the odd toy here and there. For example if I know there is a good deal on toys in a particular toy shop and I can't get to it without having to buy my two five Barbies before I leave the shop. I will send my Mum screenshots of what I want. Even better! She will keep them at her house till I need them! Result!

In this pile of toys there will be 7 Elsa toys to re-gift!

I am sure I am not the only parent that sometimes gets the same Peppa toy a few times each birthday. Or maybe a double up on a Thomas Train? So sometimes? I am a bit naughty and I re-gift. Generally I do add something else from the 'gift box'. So the child gets an extra special big treat off us. I often say as I had a present over "If they already have one, feel free to re-gift!". I would hate to think of a house with the same seven noisy Peppa games!

So through trial and error that's I manage getting gifts for my children to give to their friends throughout the year. But Christmas? That is a WHOLE different kettle of fish. That? Takes military precision!

This post was written in collaboration with The Toy Store.


  1. I do the same I can always sniff out a bargain.with me working at home bargains too I'm always getting things for our magic box ;D

    1. Oh my gosh I LOVE HOME BARGAINS!!! It is the place of dreams! x

  2. I regift and buy in the sales CONSTANTLY and so I have LOADS of presents in storage boxes in my loft ready for dishing out. Now THAT is painless! x

  3. I love your idea of a gift box! Highly organised!

  4. I also like stock piling, especially as I love a bargain. I don't have a "gift box" though, I just hide presents all over my study which means I can never find them when I need them
    We also do re-gifting.. there are so many spiderman jigsaws you can have...

    1. Ha ha ha ha!!! Yes only one is required at any one time! x


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