The Reasons Why Sometimes? Dad Is Better Than Mum

Dad's love soft play and McDonalds. More than children.

Dad's don't mind if you look insane when you go out. In fact? They encourage it!

Dad's swing children round until Mum's shout "STOP THEIR ARMS WILL POP OUT!"

Dad's tickle and make noises like monsters to make children scream with laughter.

Dad's trump REALLY LOUDLY and snore REALLY LOUDLY and don't mind getting their hair wet.

Dad's love making noise. Lots of it.

Dad's might not be there during the day. But they make bath times? ROCK!

There is no child too heavy for a Dad to pick up without a struggle.

Dad's love adventures. Without prepared snacks. They also love park cafes and hastily visited corner shops.

There is no such thing as 'messy play' with Dad's. It's just play. The mess goes unnoticed.

Dad's don't worry about being late for pre-school. They just pick up both children. And? RUN!

Dad's are tall and strong and you can go on their shoulders without them panicking you will fall off. 

Dad's can calm Mum's. When they are cross and shouty.

Dad's are sometimes worse than the kids. Which is why? They are loved by them so very, very much.

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